Lesson 283: My True Identity is Also Yours

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My true Identity abides in You.

True Indentity

I’m convinced that the reason for studying A Course in Miracles is to wake up to our true identity.  Today’s lesson, like so many of the lessons, is trying to teach us who we really are:  My true Identity abides in You.  I am not the image I identify with, the idol I present to the world.  Remember, ego created the body and so this shell that moves me about within the dream is an avatar of sorts.  It is not who I really am.  Most of the time, I don’t remember who I really am because I am too busy identifying with my ego.  When we can resist identifying with ego, then the true identity has a shot at being expressed.

This is today’s lesson:

Lesson 283

My true Identity abides in You.

Father, I made an image of myself, and it is this I call the Son of God. Yet is creation as it always was, for Your creation is unchangeable. Let me not worship idols. I am he my Father loves. My holiness remains the light of Heaven and the Love of God. Is not what is beloved of You secure? Is not the light of Heaven infinite? Is not Your Son my true Identity, when You created everything that is?

Now are we One in shared Identity, with God our Father as our only Source, and everything created part of us. And so we offer blessing to all things, uniting lovingly with all the world, which our forgiveness has made one with us.



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“Now are we One in shared Identity, with God our Father as our only Source, and everything created part of us.”  There is One Son.  It appears as all these different people which makes the whole unity thing hard to comprehend at times (did you watch the last presidential debate???) but if we are ever to learn to get along with each other, we must learn to choose love over fear and that is done by seeing our oneness and having confidence in our brothers. This is challenge for sure when it comes to Isis and so many others who have no concept as to who they are.  But I have only to accept my part, and knowing this makes it less frightening. “The reality of everything is totally harmless, because total harmlessness is the condition of its reality. It is also the condition of your awareness of its reality. You do not have to seek reality. It will seek you and find you when you meet its conditions. Its conditions are part of what it is. And this part only is up to you. The rest is of itself. You need do so little because your little part is so powerful that it will bring the whole to you. Accept, then, your little part, and let the whole be yours.

3 Wholeness heals because it is of the mind. All forms of sickness, even unto death, are physical expressions of the fear of awakening. They are attempts to reinforce sleeping out of fear of waking.”

I need only do “my little part.”


This my “little part” to awaken as much as I can, to see my true identity, which is everyone’s identity as well.  I cannot do this while identifying with my body. 1 It is only the awareness of the body that makes love seem limited. For the body is a limit on love. The belief in limited love was its origin, and it was made to limit the unlimited. Think not that this is merely allegorical, for it was made to limit you. Can you who see yourself within a body know yourself as an idea? Everything you recognize you identify with externals, something outside itself. You cannot even think of God without a body, or in some form you think you recognize.

2 The body cannot know. And while you limit your awareness to its tiny senses, you will not see the grandeur that surrounds you. God cannot come into a body, nor can you join Him there. Limits on love will always seem to shut Him out, and keep you apart from Him. The body is a tiny fence around a little part of a glorious and complete idea. It draws a circle, infinitely small, around a very little segment of Heaven, splintered from the whole, proclaiming that within it is your kingdom, where God can enter not.”

As long as I identify with my body, I am basically shutting God out.  But even focusing my attention on the “idols” I made (body, money, any belief in a power other than God) cannot change the changeless. I can forget who I am, but I cannot change who I am.  (And I can’t change who you are either.  The Changeless is changeless.  I’m just trying to learn to recognize it.)

The Course likens the idea of separation to a sunbeam deciding it is the sun or a ripple deciding it is the ocean. “ In its amazing arrogance, this tiny sunbeam has decided it is the sun; this almost imperceptible ripple hails itself as the ocean.”  But such an idea is ridiculous. “Without the sun the sunbeam would be gone; the ripple without the ocean is inconceivable.”

God’s creation is unchangeable.  The nature of it is unchangeable. “The “last step” that God will take was therefore true in the beginning, is true now, and will be true forever. What is timeless is always there, because its being is eternally changeless. It does not change by increase, because it was forever created to increase. If you perceive it as not increasing you do not know what it is. You also do not know Who created it. God does not reveal this to you because it was never hidden. His light was never obscured, because it is His Will to share it. How can what is fully shared be withheld and then revealed?”

My true identity is changeless.  So is yours.  I have a feeling that if we could all remember that, this world would be a much nicer place.

I am as God created me and that Self is much more loving than any persona ego could create.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.

forever created to increase



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