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Undoing Reality

A Course in Miracles

Jay and I watched “The Matrix” last night.  We hadn’t seen it in a long time (even though we own a copy of the movie, but Lord knows where that might be), so when we noticed it was showing on Viceland , we recorded it so we could see it again.  I had wanted to […]

Lesson 268: Embrace Reality: Things Exactly As They Are

let things be exactly as they are

Perhaps I’m inching a bit closer to learning to embrace reality.  “Reality” in Course in Miracles terms isn’t the same as normal folks think of reality; in fact, it’s denying what mass consensus views as reality.  It’s things exactly as they are, but seen through Christ’s vision.  In Course terms, “Reality is changeless. It is this […]

Lesson 52: Letting Go by Embracing Now

I see nothing as it is now

As a writer, it is challenging for me to accept that my “private thoughts” do not mean anything.  Isn’t a blog an excursion into private thoughts?  My ego wants to get all butt-hurt about it.  It is only because I am practiced at squelching that impulse (I figured out a long time ago getting hurt […]

Tuesday night ACIM: The Devil Made Me Do It; Judgment and the Authority Problem

The Authority Problem

A Course in Miracles doesn’t refer to the devil very often, which is frankly a relief, because gauging by the reaction of our group last Tuesday night, “the devil” is one of those Christian concepts that is problematic.  There was much squirming and discomfort as we looked the devil in the eye, and then spat […]