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Lesson 247: Peek-a-Boo — I See You

I see you

This blog post from last year’s review of Lesson 247, Without forgiveness I will still be blind, is the reminder that we are all just playing peek-a-boo.  That it is absolutely ridiculous to blame someone else for our reactions.  Each of us assigns whatever meaning to decide to assign to whatever is happening.  “What is” […]

Love 282: Unconditional Love: The Decision NOT to be Insane

I will not be afraid of love today.

If I could learn to love as God loves, unconditionally, unabashedly, fiercely, fully – then my whole world would change.  This is the decision not to be insane.  It is insanity to listen to ego.  It is insanity to make love conditional, yet this is how ego “loves.”  It hitches love to guilt and manipulation […]