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A Story about Stories


The past is a collection of stories.  In reality, these stories are the only way the past continues to exist and so it behooves us (me) to tell stories that empower.  It behooves us (me) to recount a version that plants seeds of creativity, stories that catapult us in the direction of our dreams rather […]

Lesson 100: My Part is Essential

My Part is Essential

My part is essential to God’s plan which is ultimately for all His children to be happy and know how precious they are. From last year’s daily writing: It’s a paradox: we are all One, not separate bodies, but One; a concept that obliterates the ego and abolishes specialness, yet somehow, the Course alleges, is […]

Lesson 95: One Self, United with My Creator: Explorations in Healing

One Self, united with my creator

From last year: Lesson 95 – I am one Self, united with my Creator. I am still trying to connect with the consciousness that would allow healing to occur.  This has always been one of my deepest challenges and part of why I have had an ongoing fascination with the powers of the mind.  Intellectually, […]

Lesson 356: Healing is Another Name for God

ACIM LEsson 356, Healing is but another name for God

It’s time – time to relinquish all egoic ideas of being anything less than God created and allow the healing to occur.  The Course says, “All healing is essentially the release from fear.”  It is the Atonement, the recognition of our oneness with God and with each other.  In the Manual for Teachers, Jesus states:  “1 Healing and Atonement are not […]