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Lesson 247: Peek-a-Boo — I See You

I see you

This blog post from last year’s review of Lesson 247, Without forgiveness I will still be blind, is the reminder that we are all just playing peek-a-boo.  That it is absolutely ridiculous to blame someone else for our reactions.  Each of us assigns whatever meaning to decide to assign to whatever is happening.  “What is” […]

Lesson 141: Return to Innocence: My Mind Holds Only What I Think with God

The Little Prince

From last year’s writing – a much need reminder that my mind holds only what I think with God. The rest is delusion. Doing Course work requires humility.  It requires honesty.  It takes a willingness to sit with one’s ugliness and love it into beauty.  This can only be done through forgiveness.  It can only […]

Lesson 111: Remembering to Review

Lesson 111

Lesson review from last year’s writing: Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one. Miracles are my birthright.  It’s a matter of remembering. It’s review time again and I am scrambling to get back into the groove of it.  Last night at our Tuesday A Course in Miracles group, there was discussion […]