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Unfairness and Attack

Unfairness and Attack

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about attack and innocence.  I have noticed that floating amid my trepidation of unreliable tenants is an attack impulse that wants to rear its ugly head.  So naturally, the reading from our group last night focused on just that. “Unfairness and attack are one mistake, so firmly joined […]

Lesson 334: F**K it: Life and A Course in Miracles; the Gifts of Forgiveness

Lesson 334, Today I claim the gifts of forgiveness, A Course in Miracles

Today’s ACIM lesson, #334, “Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives,” is yet another reminder to embrace sinlessness – to see the innocence in one another and let go of judgment.  When I wrote this blog post a year ago, I paired the lesson with one of my favorite spiritual practices, by John C. Parkin, […]

Lesson 321: The Freedom Found in God: Exercise in Listening

lesson 321 ACIM

Today’s ACIM lesson, #321, Father, my freedom is in You alone is hard for ego to accept.  The temper-tantrum prone inner child that proclaims, “I’d rather do it myself” is not keen on relying on powers outside of itself.  Except there’s the rub – the power isn’t outside.  We reside within the mind of God […]

Lesson 311: Subtle Ego Moves that Cling to Specialness: Thoughts on the Last Judgment

Lesson 311 ACIM

Today’s ACIM lesson, #311, I judge all things as I would have them be is the return to innocence.  It is a recognition that the subtle ways the ego wants to continue to judge are, in truth, attempts to maintain specialness and make the separation real.  But ego’s efforts to continue judging harshly are really […]

Lesson 309: Looking Within to Embrace Innocence: The Heart of Us All

I will not fear to look within today. ACIM Lesson 309

Today’s ACIM lesson, #309, I will not fear to look within today, is the recognition that we are innocent.  That is a difficult concept for ego to accept, for it can name countless instances that “prove” guilt.  But the Course tells us, “You are not guiltless in time, but in eternity.”  Time is part of […]

Lesson 297: Life’s a Boomerang – Return to Love

lesson 297

Today’s ACIM lesson, #297, Forgiveness is the only gift I give, is the reminder that “…everything I give I give myself.”  This is a lesson in kindness – in being magnanimous because, as the Manual for Teachers says, “The teacher of God is generous out of Self interest.”  It is the recognition that life is a boomerang […]

Lesson 284: Thoughts that Hurt: Am I Willing NOT to Keep Them?

Thoughts that Hurt

A Course in Miracles is about mind-training; about practicing a gentler way of being.  That gentler way is found in noticing when we (I) are(am) listening to the “wrong” voice and remembering that there is a better way.  Today’s lesson, #284, is about that – I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.  Because […]