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Lesson 321: The Freedom Found in God: Exercise in Listening

lesson 321 ACIM

Today’s ACIM lesson, #321, Father, my freedom is in You alone is hard for ego to accept.  The temper-tantrum prone inner child that proclaims, “I’d rather do it myself” is not keen on relying on powers outside of itself.  Except there’s the rub – the power isn’t outside.  We reside within the mind of God […]

The Eighth Characteristic of God’s teachers: Patience. History in the Making.

“Patience is natural to those who trust.”

“Patience is natural to those who trust.”  It is the absence of fear, the certainty of God, the knowing that all is in divine right order.  When you are past the point of questioning reality, then even things that would stir outrage because they so violate your sense of appropriate are just a cog in […]