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A Story about Stories


The past is a collection of stories.  In reality, these stories are the only way the past continues to exist and so it behooves us (me) to tell stories that empower.  It behooves us (me) to recount a version that plants seeds of creativity, stories that catapult us in the direction of our dreams rather […]

Everything Happens for You

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Yesterday, a client of mine took me to lunch at a decent restaurant and when my food came, I caught myself criticizing it before I had even eaten a bite.  The onions where supposed to be caramelized and since I cook, I know that caramelization takes time and patience.  These onions had not been cooked […]

Old Programs, Looking for Resources, and Stories Along the Way

Wow.  So, here I am again, looking for resources.  I awoke this morning feeling bad about myself, amazed at how deep the trenches of old programs run (you know, the ones that tear you down).  For the past few weeks, I have been in slacker mode (not a judgment, just an observation).  I had started […]