It Lights the Whole Sky


How easy it can be to slip into old habits that fail to serve my highest interests!  This is the impetus behind writing daily, for without my daily practice, I can sucked into the quotidian drama of egoic life.  Rather than trusting in whatever is happening, I slip into thinking it is mine to control.  […]

In Search of the Peace of God

A Course in Miracles

Nothing real can be threatened.  Nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the Peace of God. I have studied long enough to realize that when I encounter stress, I am looking at a place within that needs healing.  It is resistance to what is.  It is fear.  It is lack of trust.  Yesterday, as I once again […]

Inventing Faith

Lesson 32, ACIM

My life is a testament to faith, yet that hardly means that I am living the life of Riley (does anyone still use that term!). I have had many, many opportunities to be surprised by things magically coming together, but I have also had plenty of doubts and fears and trepidation.  This is when I […]

What’s with All the Filtering?

I am Determined to See

Having spent most of the last two years on the daily ACIM lessons, it is not my intent to focus my writing on them, but today’s just happens to reinforce where my energies are lately: I am determined to see. I have been making a concerted effort to notice when I am filtering through ego […]