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Practice Staying with Pain: Run into It

Love may mean saying you're sorry

Run into it.  That is the practice, learning to stay with the pain; learning to be present.  That is the practice.  Be with the discomfort without trying to escape.  That is the practice.  Run into it.  Stay. It is, admittedly, one that I do “badly,” the same way most of us say we meditate badly […]

Off the Hook

Off the Hook

The longer I study A Course in Miracles, the more I get why it is really about learning to forgive.  In truth, it is just letting myself off the hook again and again and again. Intellectually, I understand this but the practice is another story.  Like any skill, I may think I get it, but […]

Magic Thoughts


How many mornings have I thought I had adequate time to reclaim my old habit of daily writing, with sitting with God, with the pitapat of the keyboard as I settle into contemplation?  Too often!  Too often,  I have arisen early enough so that theoretically, I should have had adequate time to wedge the activity […]

A Story about Stories


The past is a collection of stories.  In reality, these stories are the only way the past continues to exist and so it behooves us (me) to tell stories that empower.  It behooves us (me) to recount a version that plants seeds of creativity, stories that catapult us in the direction of our dreams rather […]