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Smells Like Beach to Me

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Smells Like Beach to Me

I am supposed to be writing the post I missed yesterday (or so some slave driver part of me has dictated).  Instead, I’m tracing longing through my soul.  I can only settle into whimsy and longing at the moment.  The wind is picking up and outside, it smells like beach; at least to me.  I live in Albuquerque, the high deserts of New Mexico, and moisture is never in over-abundance, but it smells like beach to me today, as the sky fills with clouds that promise afternoon rain. Technically it is petrichor, the scent of fresh rain, but to me it smells like beach, and I am missing the ocean.

Now, I’ve never lived at the ocean, although I’ve certainly had my share of vacations there.  But when I lived in Massachusetts, the beach was never more than two hours away and even then, the scent would waft through, occasionally punctuated with the sounds of a stray gull or two – a taunt to come play.  Forget your responsibilities for a bit.  Come play.  Yes, come play.

Six month vacation twice a year

Six month vacation twice a year

It’s been too long since I’ve been to the beach (last July for half a heartbeat when we diverted the camp teens to Venice Beach).  Even that was just a tease; enough to whet the appetite but not enough to come close to satiation.  I like the beaches in California better than Massachusetts.  Less harsh.  More inviting.  Yet I’m picky about none of it today.  If someone offered me a trip to any beach I’d go.  I need to travel more.

I spent most all of yesterday and most of this morning working on real estate, getting myself back in the habit of efficiency.  Lack of practice these last few months has made me rusty so although I have no accepted offers, as of yet, it is good to be writing them again.  Three pre-approved clients (soon to be four) and nothing under contract. Yet, that is.  It’s a numbers game. Sooner or later something will get accepted.  (Though it’s telling that most of the offers have been at list or above!)

I want to go to the beach.

Once I sell a few houses, Jay and I have promised each other we will take a trip.  Likely not too far from home, but destination beach is still the goal.

Because there is something about vacation that makes meandering a luxury.  Something magical about savoring a new place.  I love New Mexico, but I have wanderlust.

I want to go to the beach.  And one of these days soon, I will.

How about you?  Are you restless for adventure?  Longing for a change of scenery?  What fantasy makes you itch to expand your horizons?

Come on.  Sharing is good.  Tell me about it.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.

You Had Me at Vacation

You Had Me at Vacation


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  1. Have a tropical drink, put on your flipflops, sunglasses and maybe even a beach hat to really live Che mood – you’ll be half way to making the beach a reality! Enjoy.

    1. Well, the rain finally came, so for now I’ll forgo the sunglasses and all, but it’s a lovely idea.

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