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The following are prayers I’ve written (published through the church website).  I thought it might be nice to have them all in one place. Lots of good stuff here.

Prayer for the New Year, for This Now

To Have Peace, Teach Peace to Learn It

I Ask the Holy Spirit for Peace

Let Me Be Gentle with My Words

No Condemnation,  No Regrets

Prayer for the Christ Within

God is Always Present

I Step Back and Let Him Lead

Even amid Illness, God is Forever Guiding Me

We are One

The Place of Innocence

In Praise of Goldilocks Days

Happy for No Reason

God Loves All

Freedom from Limitation

Healing is Here and Now

No Sin in God

Prayer for the Planet

Always On

The Voice of Love

There are Always Blessings

God Is

Let Me Remember Who I Am

Using Time Constructively

Embracing God’s Clarity

God is Confident

God Cannot Fail

God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness

God Give Me Everything I Need: Saying “Yes” to Miracles

In the Sacred Chamber

The Heartbeat of Life

Love Holds No Grievances

God’s Love Sustains Me

Prayer for Health

No Clinging

Exactly Where I Need to Be

A Charmed Life

In the Power and Presence of God

Prayer for Vision

Breaking Free of Old Patterns

God is Never Disappointed

Cocooned in Grace

Ringing in the New Year: Prayer for Release of Resistance

In the Laughter, Spirit Plays

God the Glorious Physician

Treasuring Up the Excellence of Spirit

Prayer for the Release of Negativity

In the Outflow: Love, Love, Love

Rimmed with Love

Beyond Fear

Calling in the Unstoppable Light Force

In the Land of Faith

God’s Heart Is Wide Open

In the Quiet: God

I Hope You’ll Dance

Living in Divine Namaste

Letting Go of Guilt

God is Constant

I Just Allow

Prayer to the Great Comforter

Spirit is This Life

Settling into Forgiveness

Prayer for My Artist Heart

We are Dancing Souls in the One Life of God

God, that Something, Hears All Your Prayers

Prayer for Loving Kindness

Prayer of Faith

How Sweet the Clarity of God

Living in the Uncertainty Where God’s Got It Covered

Love is Who We Are

Love is Who We Are (different prayer – same name – sorry!)

Grateful for the Love

Surrendering to Possibility

The Answers I Seek, Are Seeking Me

In this Playful, Unstoppable Life, I Let God Handle the Details

God is NOW: Prayer for Returning to Center

Prayer for Faith Sublime

Hiring the Heavens

Stepping into Goodness

God’s Love Envelops You Always

God is in Everyone


God is Peace

Parade through my Heart

Grateful for the Love

We are the Perfect Conduit of Spirit and God

Turning Away from Conditions

Teach Only Love

A Light that Sweeps Away the Darkness

God Always has “The Way” Covered

The Light Within You Shines, Shines, Shines

Living Heaven on Earth

Return to Serenity

The Goodness of God Caresses Me

All is in Divine Right Order

No Order of Difficulty for God

God is My Source

I Allow My Prayers to Be Answered

I am Humbled by This One Precious Life

My Prayers Are Always Answered

Remembering Who I Am

Resting In Alignment

God Shots

I Choose Fearlessness

Count Blessings

The Seduction

Drinking in the Goodness of God

Each Person is the Divine Expressing

The Electricity of Life

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