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Breathe it in. Possibility excites. It comes with a gentle embrace that explodes into creativity and faith. It is the place where hope is born. The place where imagination comes alive. For me, this place is here, where I claim the life that’s been aching to live me.

I Love You

I Love You

And after working on this site for a while, I realized that not only is this a place where I come to become the person I was meant to be, it is also a place for others to come to discover what that means for them.   So I invite you to comment, ask questions, poke, prod.  Come in.  Join me in the exploration.

Ok,  so about me.  Here’s the skinny.  Please don’t allow it to chase you away.  I’m very spiritual (I’m not in the least bit religious), so I use the “G” word a lot.  It could just as easily be Spirit or the Universe (or Bubba — I don’t think the Divine cares what you call it!). I am very active in my church (Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living; which is New Thought or as I like to call it, church for people who don’t do church). I am what is know as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner which means I studied spiritual principles for years so that I might remember the truth of who each of us is and that is an expression of the Divine; a piece of God.

The truth of each of us is Love. That is who and what we are. I’m good at remembering that. You will see that theme weave in and out of my writing.  And I run a study group for A Course in Miracles every Tuesday night which it turns out is my greatest passion and the things that helps me remember how very much God loves me.  So you will see that influence as well.  But I don’t believe in proselytizing, so I am not here to tell anyone else who to be in the world.  In fact, that’s sort of the point.

YOU get to decide.  Who do you really want to be?

So welcome. Excuse the mess. (Oh, and heads up — I like to swear occasionally.  I never really trust people who aren’t comfortable with “F” bombs.) I am incredibly human so occasionally I forget who I am which is why I have friends and community and an extremely awesome husband who loves me. I invite you to come remember Truth with me. We will court the Divine, practice entering the sacred and in-between I will occasionally find myself feeling challenged; maybe even a little broken. It’s not that I am inviting such experiences in but part of the point here is to have a space where I can be seen as who I really am, warts and all, and still remember how loved I am and how incredible if feels to be good with all of that.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.

~Nancy Bowers/a.k.a graceanja

Nancy Bowers


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