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Love in the Face of Hatred: What I Believe

In believe in love in the face of hatred

I Believe

Spirit woke me at quarter past four this morning.  For some reason, that is It’s favorite time to rouse me.  Today, after days of too much work and not enough God, I chose to listen, as I found myself contemplating love in the face of hatred.  It is clear to me that I am where I am to teach love.  To teach tolerance.  To demonstrate another way.  In the middle of an ugly ego shit storm, I find myself being the resistance.  I am the resistance movement.  I am the person who is courageous enough to say there must be a better way.

No one consciously chooses ugly behavior.  No one adopts hatred as a family value.  But amid the ego’s perception of having been wronged, it is easy to slip into name-calling and condemnation.  I bristle in the wake of hatred’s venom and I find myself in the position of realizing that it is time to be more vocal about what exactly it is that I believe.

I believe in choosing love in the face of hatred.  I believe that is how the world gets saved.

I believe that no matter the “sin,” love is the answer.  I believe in forgiveness.  I believe in the gentleness of Spirit, that God does not forgive because He has never condemned.

I witness name-calling and find my own impulses to condemn.  Those we disagree with, we condemn.  Those we disapprove of, we condemn.  Those we see apart from ourselves, we condemn.  Condemnation blots out love.  It is an anti-thrive mechanism, the way to make life shrivel.

In wholeness, condemnation is suicide.  It is cancer.  If I curse my liver, or my heart, or my lungs, or my brain, or any part of me, can I expect to live a healthy life?  Without harmony amid the parts, is not destruction the inevitable result?

The Course says, “Your real terror is of redemption.”

“You associate love with weakness and hatred with strength, and your own real power seems to you as your real weakness.” 

That is the reason we cling to hatred – we think that if we lay down our defenses, that we will be hurt.  We think that if we allow our hearts to lead our heads, that the evil in this world will burst forth to smite us and game over, we lose.

And it is a lie.  We did it to ourselves.

It is the ego’s lie and we cannot afford to believe it (even though the game is rigged and in reality we can’t screw it up).

(Still, I personally prefer not to live in hell.)

“The cost of giving is receiving. Either it is a penalty from which you suffer, or the happy purchase of a treasure to hold dear.”

I have spent a lot of years being Switzerland.  I don’t know that there is anything inherently wrong with that; I think neutrality comes with non-judgment and I think being non-judgmental is crucial to allowing love to flourish.  But somehow, within my failure to espouse beliefs that might offend, I have also failed to stand up for what I believe in, failed to actively choose love, and I think in part, that is the ‘problem’ with the nation.  Of course, the only real problem is that we think that we are separate.  We are not.  Love is not neutral it is inclusive.

I attended a Practitioner meeting /workshop last Saturday and the minister showed us this video:

In our Tuesday ACIM night group, we often say that “why” is an ego question, and I believe that it can be.  I believe that “why” is a hook that can suck us down the rabbit hole.

But it is a hook.  It is the motivating factor in being human.  Ego acts from why and so, if we know our why, we naturally come to know what comes next.  In that video, Simon Sinek calls this the golden circle: the ‘why’ fuels the ‘how’ fuels the ‘what.’

The Course speaks to why (“why you must realize that your hatred is in your mind”).  It says, “You have projected outward what is antagonistic to what is inward, and therefore you would have to perceive it this way. That is why you must realize that your hatred is in your mind and not outside it before you can get rid of it; and why you must get rid of it before you can perceive the world as it really is.”

Hatred is in your mind.  It isn’t something caused by “out there.”  Out there is just out there.  It is nothing.  It is only the ideas we assign to what is happening that determines what things mean for us.

We want to control the “out there” but to do that, we have to be willing to own that we made it up.  I made it up.  9 The world you perceive is a world of separation. Perhaps you are willing to accept even death to deny your Father. Yet He would not have it so, and so it is not so. You still cannot will against Him, and that is why you have no control over the world you made. It is not a world of will because it is governed by the desire to be unlike God, and this desire is not will. The world you made is therefore totally chaotic, governed by arbitrary and senseless ‘laws,’ and without meaning of any kind. For it is made out of what you do not want, projected from your mind because you are afraid of it. Yet this world is only in the mind of its maker, along with his real salvation. Do not believe it is outside of yourself, for only by recognizing where it is will you gain control over it. For you do have control over your mind, since the mind is the mechanism of decision.”

The “mechanism of decision” is the why.  “When you believe something, you have made it true for you.”

I believe that love always wins.  That it is unconquerable.  Not ego love, which is not love at all, but an attempt to imprison, but God Love, which is not special but equitable.  “You cannot enter into real relationships with any of God’s Sons unless you love them all and equally. Love is not special. If you single out part of the Sonship for your love, you are imposing guilt on all your relationships and making them unreal. You can love only as God loves. Seek not to love unlike Him, for there is no love apart from His. Until you recognize that this is true, you will have no idea what love is like.”

Love is the face of hatred does not see guilt, it sees innocence.  Love doesn’t buy into illusion.  I believe that only the love is real.  I believe it is my function to demonstrate what that looks like.  I believe that God loves all His children, no matter how lost they seem to be.

I believe in love in the face of hatred is how the world is saved and that I must do my part to help save it.

That is my why, not a why that analyses but a why that motivates.  What is yours?

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.


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