Lesson 321: The Freedom Found in God: Exercise in Listening

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Today’s ACIM lesson, #321, Father, my freedom is in You alone is hard for ego to accept.  The temper-tantrum prone inner child that proclaims, “I’d rather do it myself” is not keen on relying on powers outside of itself.  Except there’s the rub – the power isn’t outside.  We reside within the mind of God and when we think we don’t we are not really thinking at all.  We are caught in illusion.  When I say that I will take care of thinks myself, what I am saying is that I want to rely on idolatry.  I want to usurp the power of God and handle the details myself.

But the “myself” I think I am referring to is the image I made in within the dream.  It is not creation.  That’s the thing about doing these lessons, it’s about waking up to who we really are.  From last year’s writing:

lesson 321 ACIM


Sometimes I wonder how it is that I came to think that identifying with my ego, thinking that I am my body – limited by time and space, money and physical attributes, would be more enjoyable than knowing who I really am?  I mean, it seems weird when I really think about it – let’s choose fear and death and limitation over an eternal life of love, peace and joy.  Today’s lesson, Father, my freedom is in You alone, is about arriving at the place where it finally dawns on me that maybe listening to God, this omniscient, omnipotent being might be better than following the directive of  my small self, Ms. Limitation here.   Maybe, just maybe the dude that has all the information and can easily and effortless serve all the moving parts even better than concierge service in a five-star hotel might deliver the gold better than myopic me.


Note to self: God is freedom.  Surrendering to God’s idea is the fast track to love.  Somehow, I don’t seem to know this, at least not continuously.  That’s ego, of course,  the part that thought it would be fun to play at “let’s pretend” we are something we can’t ever be:  our own creator, independent of the True Father.

See, we think we created ourselves.  As a society, we pride ourselves on it.  We revere the “self-made” man.  But to have created unlike the Father is not to have created at all.  This is what is known in the Course as “illusion.”  “The dream” is this tiny, mad idea that we could be separate from the Father by creating illusion: a pretend world filled with drama and angst.

Just saying.

When we think we are creating unlike the Father (separate identities that have nothing to do with God) we are insane.  God doesn’t even recognize all the soap operas we make of our lives.  (It never happened.) I think it’s interesting how quickly ego will hop upon the “superior” bandwagon once it hears “God doesn’t recognize.” “I” can recognize all this shit,” it says, “You’re telling me that Old Dude can’t.  I’m starting to think the Old Guy is starting to lose it.”

This is a sure sign that ego is making shit up, because how can the Perfect “start to lose it?”  First off, way to judge!  Secondly, since the Atonement is about equality, inclusiveness, and innocence, the absurdity of the premise starts to settle in.

Here is where I relinquish the idea that freedom could possible reside somewhere other than where I seem to want to avoid looking for it.  I mean, is it freedom to have to limit so you have this “unlike God” self?  It sort of feels like autonomy gone bad.  All that for the pleasure of pretending it is in charge of calling the shots!

Today’s lesson:

Lesson 321

Section 11. What is Creation?

Creation is the sum of all God’s Thoughts, in number infinite, and everywhere without all limit. Only love creates, and only like itself. There was no time when all that it created was not there. Nor will there be a time when anything that it created suffers any loss. Forever and forever are God’s Thoughts exactly as they were and as they are, unchanged through time and after time is done.

God’s Thoughts are given all the power that their own Creator has. For He would add to love by its extension. Thus His Son shares in creation, and must therefore share in power to create. What God has willed to be forever One will still be One when time is over; and will not be changed throughout the course of time, remaining as it was before the thought of time began.

Creation is the opposite of all illusions, for creation is the truth. Creation is the holy Son of God, for in creation is His Will complete in every aspect, making every part container of the whole. Its oneness is forever guaranteed inviolate; forever held within His holy Will, beyond all possibility of harm, of separation, imperfection and of any spot upon its sinlessness.

We are creation; we the Sons of God. We seem to be discrete, and unaware of our eternal unity with Him. Yet back of all our doubts, past all our fears, there still is certainty. For love remains with all its Thoughts, its sureness being theirs. God’s memory is in our holy minds, which know their oneness and their unity with their Creator. Let our function be only to let this memory return, only to let God’s Will be done on earth, only to be restored to sanity, and to be but as God created us.

Our Father calls to us. We hear His Voice, and we forgive creation in the Name of its Creator, Holiness Itself, Whose Holiness His Own creation shares; Whose Holiness is still a part of us.

Lesson 321

Father, my freedom is in You alone.

I did not understand what made me free, nor what my freedom is, nor where to look to find it. Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing me. Now I would guide myself no more. For I have neither made nor understood the way to find my freedom. But I trust in You. You Who endowed me with my freedom as Your holy Son will not be lost to me. Your Voice directs me, and the way to You is opening and clear to me at last. Father, my freedom is in You alone. Father, it is my will that I return.

Today we answer for the world, which will be freed along with us. How glad are we to find our freedom through the certain way our Father has established. And how sure is all the world’s salvation, when we learn our freedom can be found in God alone.

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Surrender: I did not understand what made me free, nor what my freedom is, nor where to look to find it.”  (First, admit you have a problem.)

Ask for help, in other words, surrender: “Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing me. Now I would guide myself no more.”(Second, admit you need help.)

(Surrender to a higher power.)

Freedom is in God alone because it is only through the willingness to trust, and let go of the impulse to control that freedom from limitation peeks through the edges.

Not fighting is better than fighting.  Easier anyway.  It feels better to just allow the energy to flow rather than ball it up into clenched fists.

Freedom is in God alone because it is only in those Arms of the Comforter that full-frontal allowing can happen.  It settles in around the edges when trust embeds itself into our beings.  Freedom comes as identification with ego lessens and knowledge of who and what we/I are/am becomes our/my new dance partner(s).

Freedom is found in God because it is in reaching for that freedom that one starts to realize that it feels better to align with that energy than to fight it.

Freedom removes limitation.  To create like God (extend love) is easy, natural even.  To be something other than that requires effort because it opposes (creates an opposite) .  It takes energy to try to shift the natural flow of things. It’s like trying to divert a river.  It’s not that it can’t be done, it’s just a lot harder.

So, I listen to God.  I ask the Holy Spirit.  I let go of the tiny, mad idea that I could really be other than as God created me.  Yes, my freedom is in God alone.  One day, I hope to be practiced enough to always remember that.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.


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