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Lesson 305: Another Opportunity for Forgiveness: The Peace of Christ

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Today’s ACIM Lesson, #305, There is a peace that Christ bestows on us, is the invitation to chill.  That is the beauty of studying the Course: instead of getting all riled up because things (appearances) don’t look the way we think they ought to, we can relax.  Keep affirming that God has it covered.  Keep praying to see the love and be the love and to notice the calls for love and to answer them.  This post from last year was written the day after Election Day and although I find it hard to believe, a year later, that Trump is still in office, I also know that much good has come from this past year.  Much that was hidden is being exposed.  The divides that exist in the country are being asked to heal.  There are enough of us who believe in the goodness of our brothers to usher in a new era.  Yes, we are going through a period of chemicalization, where it appears as if much is falling apart, but mostly that has to happen for things to heal, to come together.  It’s all alright.  The peace of Christ is present and we can experience it, but we have to give up thinking we know better than God.  We must remember that I am upset because I see something that is not thereI decide what I think things mean for me and if I made it up, I can make up something different.  Today I claim the peace of Christ; I chill, because it sure beats criticizing what is.  From last year’s writing, my friends:  

The Peace of Christ, ACIM Lesson 305

The Peace of Christ

The clue that the Course is making inroads in my soul is how tethered I now feel to peace.  In our ACIM meeting/class last night, we read, 1 Only love is strong because it is undivided. The strong do not attack because they see no need to do so.”  When you are anchored in love, there is something unflappable about it.  There was plenty of political discussion last night, of course.  It was after all election night.  Ego loves competition.  Who’s right?  Who’s wrong?  But I felt surprisingly unattached to the outcome: a situation that made have been helped by the fact that, like many Americans, I wasn’t overly thrilled with either of the major party candidates.  In the end, it is just another opportunity for forgiveness because only the love is real.

Returning to one of the early Course lessons: I am upset because I see something that is not there, I felt slightly shocked by my own calm and lack of upset.  You see, my ego is scared to death of Donald Trump.  Any time I see a call to division (I live in New Mexico where he has threatened to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans), alarms go off.  But it is just another opportunity for forgiven.  God is in everyone.  I’m thinking this presidency will mature the man in ways he never knew were possible.  I think he is surrounded by enough people who “get it” that he, too, will have peace as his goal.

At least, I hope so.  God is in Donald Trump, too.

Ideas of right and wrong, good and bad aside, I know my job is to teach love.  I know my goal is to be peace.  I understood that the election results were America’s way of saying, “We’re not going to take it anymore.”  People are tired of politics as usual.

I do not know what anything is for.     But I do know it’s a great opportunity for forgiveness.  When “reality” doesn’t match expectations, whenever we think things “should” be different than they are, forgiveness is the answer.   I/We need to stop trying to make God wrong.

I am grateful for today’s lesson: There is a peace that Christ bestows on us. When we can put aside our notions of how we think things “should be,” and accept that whatever is happening, God is in the mix pulling us towards our highest and best, we find the peace of Christ.

God is always present.

Today’s lesson:

Lesson 305

There is a peace that Christ bestows on us.

Who uses but Christ’s vision finds a peace so deep and quiet, undisturbable and wholly changeless, that the world contains no counterpart. Comparisons are still before this peace. And all the world departs in silence as this peace envelops it, and gently carries it to truth, no more to be the home of fear. For love has come, and healed the world by giving it Christ’s peace.

Father, the peace of Christ is given us, because it is Your Will that we be saved. Help us today but to accept Your gift, and judge it not. For it has come to us to save us from our judgment on ourselves.

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If we are to be a peaceful nation, we need to rely on Christ’s vision.  We need to be able to see one another as who we really are: God expressing.  “Father, the peace of Christ is given us, because it is Your Will that we be saved. Help us today but to accept Your gift, and judge it not.”

Judge.  It.  Not.

God’s got our back.  It may not look like some of us thought it “should,” but that means nothing.

Last night, in our reading of The Holy Spirit’s Curriculum, we read that ego’s goal is to, “’Seek and do not find.’”  Ego doesn’t want us to wake up because then the jig is up.  It doesn’t want us figuring out that we are lost in illusion by noticing that it is an illusion.

But who are we kidding.  We made the ego.  In our lame attempt to keep ourselves from knowing who we are (the Holy Son of God Himself), we’ve created this elaborate construct that projects out all the stuff we want to deny is us. It is the perpetuation of lack, the continuation of the illusion of separation.  As long as I don’t know who I am and I don’t know who you are, I can continue the charade.  I can follow  the ego’s curriculum: “‘Seek and do not find.’ Translated into curricular terms this means, ‘Try to learn but do not succeed.’”

Let us not forget that anytime we promote exclusivity over inclusivity, we are basically pretending that God is lacking in “them.”  We are not accepting the Atonement.  We are listening to the ego and becoming despots.  We are trying to remain “special.”

5 Specialness is the great dictator of the wrong decisions. Here is the grand illusion of what you are and what your brother is. And here is what must make the body dear and worth preserving. Specialness must be defended. Illusions can attack it, and they do. For what your brother must become to keep your specialness is an illusion. He who is “worse” than you must be attacked, so that your specialness can live on his defeat. For specialness is triumph, and its victory is his defeat and shame. How can he live, with all your sins upon him? And who must be his conqueror but you?”

We are looking for answers where they can’t be found.  We are looking for love in all the wrong place.  5 You will undertake a journey because you are not at home in this world. And you will search for your home whether you realize where it is or not. If you believe it is outside you the search will be futile, for you will be seeking it where it is not. You do not remember how to look within for you do not believe your home is there. “

The answer is within.  Trying to project it out is just another attempt to keep us from waking up.

“You do not remember how to look within for you do not believe your home is there.”  “All attack is self-attack. “ It’s just another attempt by ego to keep us from realizing who we really are.  It’s just another opportunity for forgiveness.

So on this post-election day when half the nation is in shock because they believe things should be different than they are, let us remember who WE are: the Holy Son of God Himself.  And so is everyone else.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.




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