Lesson 294: Past All That: This is Us

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Today’s ACIM Lesson, #294, My body is a wholly neutral thing, is the reminder of the ephemeral nature of what we think of as life, and this post from last year, is a reminder that although it seems as if life ends, it doesn’t because we never have been and never will be separate from God.  Only the love is really.  “Let us return the dream he gave away unto the dreamer, who perceives the dream as separate from himself and done to him. Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real effects. Together, we can laugh them both away, and understand that time cannot intrude upon eternity. It is a joke to think that time can come to circumvent eternity, which means there is no time.”  Daily lately, this realization that all the love is real haunts me.  I notice the body’s aches and pains but know that I am not that.  I added the actual clip from This is Us to last year’s post because it explains it beautifully.

My body is a wholly neutral thing.


Life – it’s messy and unpredictable and filled with heartache and joys.  I go around having opinions on what it should look like and how people should behave, but in truth, it just is, without my input or interference.  It just is.  This existence here on earth that seems so wrapped around sickness and death is not life – it is the opposite of life.  But I am a metaphysician.  I am a student of  A Course in Miracles. My job is to see past all of that.  My job is to deny idols, not to play host to sickness and death. My job is to know the truth.

In Course terms, death and sickness are idols, not the truth.  I state that while my 91-year old father is in the hospital, having had an operation to remove an abscess last night.  In the light of such things, fear always wants to pound on the door and scream to be let in.  A friend of mine asked me last night if I would get any sleep, assuming I would be fearful and that the worry would prevent me from resting.  It didn’t.  I wasn’t fearful.  I prayed that my dad would continue would continue to fight (he’s a fighter) and denied the god of sickness access to my thoughts.  I am surrounded lately by lots of sicknesses so I seem to have plenty of opportunities to practice such denials.  I do not know what anything is for,  so I just assume that God knows what God is doing.

In light of all that, I had to laugh when I read this morning lesson, especially in light of the fact that I had missed yet another lesson the other day and thus this lesson arrived today, not yesterday, not last week.  Today.  Another opportunity to practice knowing the truth about what the body is for:

Lesson 294

My body is a wholly neutral thing.

I am a Son of God. And can I be another thing as well? Did God create the mortal and corruptible? What use has God’s beloved Son for what must die? And yet a neutral thing does not see death, for thoughts of fear are not invested there, nor is a mockery of love bestowed upon it. Its neutrality protects it while it has a use. And afterwards, without a purpose, it is laid aside. It is not sick nor old nor hurt. It is but functionless, unneeded and cast off. Let me not see it more than this today; of service for a while and fit to serve, to keep its usefulness while it can serve, and then to be replaced for greater good.

My body, Father, cannot be Your Son. And what is not created cannot be sinful nor sinless; neither good nor bad. Let me, then, use this dream to help Your plan that we awaken from all dreams we made.

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Knowing the body is neutral is to know that this is temporary.  It is used for a while and then cast off. “Its neutrality protects it while it has a use. And afterwards, without a purpose, it is laid aside. It is not sick nor old nor hurt. It is but functionless, unneeded and cast off.”

My husband tells me that on CNN this morning, it said the scientists are predicting that all the animals will be extinct within ten years.  My solace is knowing that the naysayers, those who preach doom and death and destruction have always had a lousy track record.  Y2K didn’t destroy us.  We survived 2012.  I think Haley’s comet was supposed to destroy us and anyone who cares to do a little research can come up with dozens of failed doomsday predictions.  Yet the polar caps are melting.  The bees are dying (thanks, Monsanto!).  The Great Barrier Reef has been declared dead.  We need to take action, to act like we actually care.  The game is rigged, but I for one would prefer not to witness the end of mankind.

And we can’t wait for someone else to do it.  There is only one of us here, so it’s up to us.  All of us.  Each of us.

A subject we discuss a lot in my classes is staying with the uncomfortableness: the willingness to look at fears.  We have to be willing to drag them out into the light and see what it is we’d been hiding from out of fear.  One of the lines we read from last Tuesday that I love is, “7 A little while and you will see me, for I am not hidden because you are hiding. “  We are like children playing peek-a-boo, thinking that covering our eyes makes the world disappear.

We don’t look because we are afraid.  But how are we to find the love that is there, the love that has always been there if we aren’t willing to be present?

8 There is no fear in perfect love. We will but be making perfect to you what is already perfect in you. You do not fear the unknown but the known. You will not fail in your mission because I did not fail in mine. Give me but a little trust in the name of the complete trust I have in you, and we will easily accomplish the goal of perfection together. For perfection is, and cannot be denied. To deny the denial of perfection is not so difficult as to deny truth, and what we can accomplish together will be believed when you see it as accomplished.”

9 You who have tried to banish love have not succeeded, but you who choose to banish fear must succeed. The Lord is with you, but you know it not. Yet your Redeemer liveth, and abideth in you in the peace out of which He was created. Would you not exchange this awareness for the awareness of fear? When we have overcome fear—not by hiding it, not by minimizing it, and not by denying its full import in any way—this is what you will really see. You cannot lay aside the obstacles to real vision without looking upon them, for to lay aside means to judge against. If you will look, the Holy Spirit will judge, and He will judge truly. Yet He cannot shine away what you keep hidden, for you have not offered it to Him and He cannot take it from you.

10 We are therefore embarking on an organised, well-structured and carefully planned program aimed at learning how to offer to the Holy Spirit everything you do not want. He knows what to do with it. You do not understand how to use what He knows. Whatever is given Him that is not of God is gone. Yet you must look at it yourself in perfect willingness, for otherwise His knowledge remains useless to you. Surely He will not fail to help you, since help is His only purpose. Do you not have greater reason for fearing the world as you perceive it, than for looking at the cause of fear and letting it go forever.”

I know.  Long passage, but the Course makes me feel better and I guess in the light of facing the transitory nature of being in this dream, it helps me to remember that the love is the real part.

Jay and I have a new favorite show, The Story of Us.  In this week’s episode, the uncle celebrity explains to his two nieces how life layers atop life and never disappears because we are changed by those who came before us.  The love continues.

It was beautiful and touching and perhaps in ways much better than I can explain, showed just how we are all connected and one and forever.

Only the love is real.  The body is neutral but temporary.  Life ebbs and flows.  The naysayers may paint a fearful picture, but I will continue to choose love.  And I am grateful that my father is staying here a while longer.

Namaste. my friends, Namaste


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