Lesson 282: Unconditional Love: The Decision NOT to be Insane

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Today’s ACIM lesson, #282, I will not be afraid of love today,is the birthplace of hope.  In knowing that it is safe to love, healing has the opportunity to begin.  And as if to reward me, I’ve discovered that since I wrote this a year ago, the experts have proclaimed that the Great Barrier Reef may not be dead after all. It seems to be coming back to life. As much as I am disturbed by politics these days, I am also encouraged by the backlash.  We don’t just expect that we can rely on our government to provide for us and so we are willing to be proactive.  When Trump said the US was pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, the reaction from many corporations was to stay the course anyway. “We are on track to meet the Paris accord,” said California Gov. Jerry Brown. “This is America speaking.” Rather than worry about ego’s need to be right, we are choosing love.  Rather than assign blame, we are asking “What can I do NOW?”  To love as God loves is to see past the guilt and choose compassion, to choose forgiveness, because Forgiveness offers everything I want. So, today, I review this Course lesson and proclaim I will not be afraid of love todayFrom last year’s writing:

I will not be afraid of love today.

Not Afraid of Love

If I could learn to love as God loves, unconditionally, unabashedly, fiercely, fully – then my whole world would change.  This is the decision not to be insane.  It is insanity to listen to ego.  It is insanity to make love conditional, yet this is how ego “loves.”  It hitches love to guilt and manipulation in a crazy attempt to extract what it thinks it wants.  It does not love as God loves, for God’s is a love based on knowledge of the truth – that His Child is innocent.  All the images we have made can change none of that; even the stuff that seems like tragedy; even the destruction of the planet.

Love is constant, not conditional.  Today’s A Course in Miracles lesson is about learning that.  It is teaching that love and fear cannot coexist.  That anytime fear is introduced into the equation we are not loving as God loves.  We do not know who we are.  Fear is introduced each time a hint of lack of trust walks in the door.  Fear is introduced every time I think I know better than someone else how they should be in the world.  This can be particularly challenging when it comes to spouses and kids and friends.  Somehow, when we have professed to love someone, ego gives us license to interject our two cents.  Of course, we like to put in our two cents about politicians and corporations, as well.  At least I do.

Anyway, today’s lesson:

Lesson 282

I will not be afraid of love today.

If I could realize but this today, salvation would be reached for all the world. This the decision not to be insane, and to accept myself as God Himself, my Father and my Source, created me. This the determination not to be asleep in dreams of death, while truth remains forever living in the joy of love. And this the choice to recognize the Self Whom God created as the Son He loves, and Who remains my one Identity.

Father, Your Name is Love and so is mine. Such is the truth. And can the truth be changed by merely giving it another name? The name of fear is simply a mistake. Let me not be afraid of truth today.


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On the surface, this lesson seems easy, for it doesn’t seem hard to decide not to be insane.  But are those who are insane know it?  No one goes around professing to be afraid of love; not usually (unless perhaps you’re in the middle of nursing a broken heart).  Pay attention.  This lesson is not as easy as it seems (for me anyway) because I, for one, notice the many ways that fear creeps in the side door when I’m not paying attention.

This morning, as I posted the daily prayer to the church’s Facebook page, I saw an article that broken my heart.  Obituary: Great Barrier Reef (25 Million BC-2016)I noticed how terrified I am that I might actually live to see the end of the world.  We care so little about our environment.  Collectively, we have chosen profits and comfort over love of the planet and the result is that we have killed off one of the seven wonders of the natural world.  And now the bees are on the endangered species list, and like everyone else, I am saddened and appalled and then I go back to my ego-centered life where I care more about whether my bills are paid than if my grandchildren will have a world to live in.

The love is tainted with fear.  I found myself wondering about salvation.  Lesson 186: Salvation of the world depends on me.  It never occurred to me that it was up to me to save the planet, but maybe it is. (“If I could realize but this today, salvation would be reached for all the world.”)

So, I have to return to forgiveness: Forgiveness offers everything I want.  Otherwise, ego walks in to beat me up and make me feel bad about the past.  But nothing really happened.  And it isn’t God’s forgiveness I need; it’s my own. “God does not forgive because He has never condemned.”  It is only through loving as God loves, it is only by remembering who I am and accepting myself that I am freed.  “This the decision not to be insane, and to accept myself as God Himself, my Father and my Source, created me.”

“You will never lose your way for God leads you.”

Let me not be afraid of truth today

Not Afraid of Truth

Let me not be afraid of truth today.”

Lately, it seems like a lot of the discussions in my classes center around the willingness to look.  Ego protects its world of death and destruction by convincing us it’s not safe to look.  It hides.  But that is how it keeps its power.  That is how fear is perpetuated.  By having the willingness to look, by being brave enough to face that which ego tells us isn’t safe to look at, we begin to dismantle the illusion.   “To look upon darkness through light must dispel it.”

I do not know what anything is for.

I keep thinking that I need to learn to love as God loves and then the election bullshit and the environmental bullshit won’t upset me so.  My job is to teach love.  I know this and maybe I am even semi-successful at it some days.  The more I do these lessons, the more convinced I am that I am likely making the whole thing harder than it needs to be.  I want a happy ending and I know the game is rigged so a happy ending is assured but I want a happy ending within the dream.  I have faith that it turns out alright in the end, but I don’t want to witness the destruction of the planet before the game is over.

I find myself wondering how to love Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.  I find myself wondering how to love the people who choose profits over people.  But loving as God loves means seeing innocence, not condemnation and guilt. The decision not to be insane means the willingness to give my judgments to the Holy Spirit.

The decision not to be insane means  I must be willing.  I must  “be vigilant only for God and His Kingdom.” I must have faith.  “Fear not the Holy Spirit will fail in what your Father has given Him to do. The Will of God can fail in nothing.

7Have faith in only this one thing, and it will be sufficient: God wills you be in Heaven, and nothing can keep you from it, or it from you.”

Today, I will not to be insane.  I give everything to the Holy Spirit.  I choose love.  Let me not be afraid of truth today.”   Let me have faith in God.  Let me have faith in my brothers.

Let us save the planet before it’s too late.  (Oops fear! Damn it!)

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.


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