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Lesson 280: Adventures in Limitlessness

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So here is today’s lesson, #280, from last year’s writing.  It poses the question, What limits can I lay upon God’s Son? It is a question I have been pondering with some frequency lately as I notice the places that I feel limited and wonder how severely I have shortchanged myself.

Lay no Limits limitlessness

Lay no Limits

The idea that we are limitless is foreign to many of us.  After all, I can only eat so much (and it’s so much less than I used to!).  I only have so much money in the bank account.  I can only jump so high and run so fast, and neither of those performance would be particularly impressive.  So yeah; I definitely think of myself as limited.

But limitation is within the “dream” that most of us think of as reality.  God’s world is so much grander than that.  And frankly, we (God’s holy Son – that’s us, folks) were created limitless so many, perhaps even most of the limitations we impose upon ourselves are artificial.  They are the reflection of a false identity (ego); of the self, not the Self.  Limitation is a statement that I don’t know who I am.

Today’s lesson:

Lesson 280

What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?

Whom God created limitless is free. I can invent imprisonment for him, but only in illusions, not in truth. No Thought of God has left its Father’s Mind. No Thought of God is limited at all. No Thought of God but is forever pure. Can I lay limits on the Son of God, whose Father willed that he be limitless, and like Himself in freedom and in love?

Today let me give honor to Your Son, for thus alone I find the way to You. Father, I lay no limits on the Son You love and You created limitless. The honor that I give to him is Yours, and what is Yours belongs to me as well.

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Everything Jesus did, we can do.  He was the example we should can aspire to.  That is how much power we were given.  But I, for one, go around acting like I don’t know that.  No part of me is thinking, “Walk on water? Sure!  I got this.”

Uhhh, no.

Yet, that is our potential, but let’s not get confused here, because ego wants to rush in and take credit for miracles and ego is nothing.  “ Of yourself you can do nothing, because of yourself you are nothing.”


7 If your will were not mine it would not be our Father’s. This would mean you have imprisoned yours, and have not let it be free. Of yourself you can do nothing, because of yourself you are nothing. I am nothing without the Father and you are nothing without me, because by denying the Father you deny yourself. I will always remember you, and in my remembrance of you lies your remembrance of yourself. In our remembrance of each other lies our remembrance of God. And in this remembrance lies your freedom because your freedom is in Him. Join, then, with me in praise of Him and you whom He created. This is our gift of gratitude to Him, which He will share with all His creations, to whom He gives equally whatever is acceptable to Him. Because it is acceptable to Him it is the gift of freedom, which is His Will for all His Sons. By offering freedom you will be free.”

This is a little bit of the discussion we had last night.  Ego, that part of us that wants to be separate (an impossibility!) wants to perform miracles but it wants to own them as an individualized act that has nothing to do with God. Ego, being ego, wants to cut God out of the equation.  “ The miracle, therefore, has a unique function, and is motivated by a unique Teacher Who brings the laws of another world to this one. The miracle is the one thing you can do that transcends order, being based not on differences but on equality.

3Miracles are not in competition, and the number of them that you can do is limitless. They can be simultaneous and legion. This is not difficult to understand, once you conceive of them as possible at all. What is more difficult to grasp is the lack of order of difficulty that stamps the miracle as something that must come from elsewhere, not from here. From the world’s viewpoint, this is impossible.”

We are miracles workers, but ego has nothing to do with it.  The only way to join the league that Jesus runs in is to relinquish judgment, to let go of the ego thought system.  5 The way out of conflict between two opposing thought systems is clearly to choose one and relinquish the other. If you identify with your thought system, and you cannot escape this, and if you accept two thought systems which are in complete disagreement, peace of mind is impossible. If you teach both, which you will surely do as long as you accept both, you are teaching conflict and learning it. Yet you do want peace, or you would not have called upon the Voice for peace to help you. Its lesson is not insane; the conflict is.”

I am here to be a teacher for God, but that just means that I am willing to be led; to ask:

“What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?”

I know that when I do this, I will amaze myself.  God will amaze me.  Again, taking the lead from Jesus:

“ The Bible enjoins you to be perfect, to heal all errors, to take no thought of the body as separate and to accomplish all things in my name. This is not my name alone, for ours is a shared identification. The Name of God’s Son is one, and you are enjoined to do the works of love because we share this Oneness. Our minds are whole because they are one.”

All I need do is the “works of love.”  That’s my job.  That’s the path to limitlessness.  It’s not about manipulating form, it’s about going beyond form to who we really are.  That is how we tap into our limitless potential.

“I thank my Father for His gifts to me.”

“Love is your power, which the ego must deny. It must also deny everything this power gives you because it gives you everything. No one who has everything wants the ego. “

Love is my power.  It gives me everything I need.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.

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