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Lesson 275: Protected by God

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Today’s ACIM lesson Lesson 275 God’s healing Voice protects all things today is the reminder that I am never alone and that I don’t have to try to do it myselfIt is the reminder that I am forever protected and guided and that the way to have an easy life is to allow ourselves to be led.  Why take the difficult path?  The Course says, 16 Say to the Holy Spirit only, “Decide for me,” and it is done.”  Today’s lesson, from last year’s writing:

Protected by God

Protected by God

It’s amazing to me how stubbornly independent ego tries to be.  Like a small child who lacks the skill to dress himself but who fiercely defends his right to try anyway, I find myself trying to do things that I am not really capable of doing all by myself.  I can’t see how all the pieces will fit.  I don’t know who to call or what I should be doing, but I struggle on my own nonetheless.  Why exactly?  Ego.  I forget that I am protected by God.  More importantly, I forget to ask for help.

16 Say to the Holy Spirit only, “Decide for me,” and it is done.”  It’s that easy.  I only make it difficult through my insistence on listening to ego rather than Spirit.  I only it make it difficult by believing that it is mine to accomplish alone.

Like I could ever even BE alone.

Last night we read, “You dwell in the Mind of God with your brother, for God Himself did not will to be alone.

2 To be alone is to be separated from infinity, but how can this be if infinity has no end? No one can be beyond the limitless, because what has no limits must be everywhere. There are no beginnings and no endings in God, Whose universe is Himself. Can you exclude yourself from the universe, or from God Who is the universe? I and my Father are one with you, for you are part of Us. Do you really believe that part of God can be missing or lost to Him?

“3 If you were not part of God, His Will would not be unified. Is this conceivable? Can part of His Mind contain nothing? If your place in His Mind cannot be filled by anyone except you, and your filling it was your creation, without you there would be an empty place in God’s Mind.”

Today is the day to practice learning to ask for the help that is always there.

The “issue” is that sometimes I don’t ask for help because I erroneously believe (or think anyway) that my will is different from God’s.  I don’t know why it is that ego tells me that God is going to withhold the “good stuff,” and that listening to God will result in NO FUN.  It’s a lie, but it’s one ego likes to tell.

I have to return to “God’s got my back.”  I have to remember that I am much better off listening to the Holy Spirit (God’s Voice) than listening to ego (the bringer of fear and attack and destruction).

Today’s lesson:

Lesson 275

God’s healing Voice protects all things today.

Let us today attend the Voice for God, which speaks an ancient lesson, no more true today than any other day. Yet has this day been chosen as the time when we will seek and hear and learn and understand. Join me in hearing. For the Voice for God tells us of things we cannot understand alone, nor learn apart. It is in this that all things are protected. And in this the healing of the Voice for God is found.

Your healing Voice protects all things today, and so I leave all things to You. I need be anxious over nothing. For Your Voice will tell me what to do and where to go; to whom to speak and what to say to him, what thoughts to think, what words to give the world. The safety that I bring is given me. Father, Your Voice protects all things through me.

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Last night, we read From Darkness to Light one of my favorite part of the Course, probably because I know most of it by heart and used it to soothe myself during the months that followed the loss of our business back in 2011.  It points to the “problem” of will.  (2 God’s Son is indeed in need of comfort, for he knows not what he does, believing his will is not his own. The Kingdom is his, and yet he wanders homeless. At home in God he is lonely, and amid all his brothers he is friendless. Would God let this be real, when He did not will to be alone Himself? And if your will is His it cannot be true of you, because it is not true of Him. “)

The pivotal message in this section is that the game is rigged.  “You will never lose your way, for God leads you. When you wander, you but undertake a journey that is not real. The dark companions, the dark way, are all illusions. “

I used to wonder how the hell all the crap we go through could be an illusion.  I have a friend who is minus a foot and has had to learn to walk with a prosthetic.  Is the lack of a limb illusion?  According to Course thinking, it is, because we are not our bodies.  Only the love is real, for the ”real” is eternal.  Since most of us identify with the body so heavily, it is used easily by ego. 4 The body is the ego’s home by its own election. It is the only identification with which the ego feels safe, since the body’s vulnerability is its own best argument that you cannot be of God.“

And so, because we do not feel invulnerable, we listen to ego and get scared. 5 This is the question that must be asked: “Where can I go for protection?”

3 The only safety lies in extending the Holy Spirit, because as you see His gentleness in others your own mind perceives itself as totally harmless. Once it can accept this fully, it sees no need to protect itself. The protection of God then dawns upon it, assuring it that it is perfectly safe forever. The perfectly safe are wholly benign. They bless because they know that they are blessed. Without anxiety the mind is wholly kind, and because it extends beneficence it is beneficent. Safety is the complete relinquishment of attack. No compromise is possible in this. Teach attack in any form and you have learned it, and it will hurt you. Yet this learning is not immortal, and you can unlearn it by not teaching it.”

It is that relinquishment of attack thing: “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

So today, knowing that the Holy Spirit is forever within me (and forever within you, and him, and her, and them), I know that protection is always here.  In fact, since the Holy Spirit is purifying everything, even the stuff that seems a mess is used for good.  The only question is, do I see it?  Am I looking for it?  Or am I searching for ego evidence to support my suspicion of guilt?

16 Say to the Holy Spirit only, “Decide for me,” and it is done.”

God’s will and my will are one.  It’s okay to let God lead.  I am protected by God.  And since it is done unto me as I believe, that is a good belief to have.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.



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