Lesson 88 – The Key to Freedom: No Laws but God’s, The Light Has Come

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I am under no laws but God's

No Laws but God’s

“I am under no laws but God’s. I am constantly tempted to make up other laws and give them power over me. I suffer only because of my belief in them. They have no real effect on me at all.” This reminder from today’s A Course in Miracles lesson is the shield I need to protect me from the idea that I need to conform to other people’s ideas of what I should or shouldn’t be doing.  Yesterday, after service, I found myself explaining to some parents why I had sent their rowdy boys back out to them three-quarters of the way through service: they were being too disruptive. I felt bad for them really; I am working on strengthening my own boundaries, so I sometimes encounter kids who want to test them.  Each boy was blaming the other for his behavior.  The one mom was happy to realize how easily influenced her son was by peer pressure.  “Unfortunately, we all sometimes do things that ordinarily we couldn’t just because we want other people to like us,” I told her.

“That’s not just a kid problem,” she answered.

True, true. I found myself thinking about how often I ignore my own best instincts because I want people to like me.

“We teach best what we most need to learn.” – Richard Bach

Damn it!  I hate when that happens.  (Shit, I meant to stop saying I hate things!)

Anyway, today’s lesson:

Lesson 88

Today we will review these ideas:

(75) The light has come.

In choosing salvation rather than attack, I merely choose to recognize what is already there. Salvation is a decision made already. Attack and grievances are not there to choose. That is why I always choose between truth and illusion; between what is there and what is not. The light has come. I can but choose the light, for it has no alternative. It has replaced the darkness, and the darkness has gone.

These would prove useful forms for specific applications of this idea:

This cannot show me darkness, for the light has come.
The light in you is all that I would see, [name].
I would see in this only what is there.


(76) I am under no laws but God’s.

Here is the perfect statement of my freedom. I am under no laws but God’s. I am constantly tempted to make up other laws and give them power over me. I suffer only because of my belief in them. They have no real effect on me at all. I am perfectly free of the effects of all laws save God’s. And His are the laws of freedom.

For specific forms in applying this idea, these would be useful:

My perception of this shows me I believe in laws that do not exist.
I see only the laws of God at work in this.
Let me allow God’s laws to work in this, and not my own.



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The light has come.  This is my reminder that in any and all situations, God is present.  The light of the situation is there, but I must be willing to find it, to see it if I wish to have that as my experience.  This requires acceptance of things as they are, trusting that God knows what He is doing despite appearances.  My job is to let go of my impulse to attack and express grievances.  In other words: no complaining!  The light has come – it is a statement of goodness; it is a recognition of God’s Love.  I can relax and allow God to handle the details.  I have only to trust and to listen.

I am under no laws but God’s.  This is where I let go of thinking it is my job to make anyone like me.  I enjoy being liked so this is not always easy, but it is easier when I remember my function.  My function is to teach love.  In the example of the rowdy boys yesterday, I don’t like sending kids back to their parents.  It makes me feel ineffective and weak as a teacher.  I want kids to know they are better than that.  Ironically, the lesson was the light within.  As each child apologized to me, I reminded them of that inner light; that they are the divine expressing.  I wasn’t trying to punish the kids (though they missed the Easter egg hunt, so in a way they were punished); I was focused on the good of the class (they were bullying another kid when I finally sent them out).  Being under no law but God’s meant that in that moment, I could only choose what mattered most to me: teaching love, teaching respect.  The part of me that cared about being popular or being seen as nice had to take a backseat.

For me, there is freedom in the “I am under no laws but God’s” proclamation.  It means that the only thing I need to worry about is if I am fulfilling the function God gave me.  Am I teaching love?  Am I listening to my inner guidance?  Oddly enough, while speaking to the parents/kids after service, I felt the most in my element.  I actually got chills over the words spilling from my mouth.  I was in full-on Practitioner mode.  My purpose was clear.  I started to wonder if that moment wasn’t more about teaching sinlessness than anything else because I was clear that I knew the goodness of those boys, and I knew the importance of enforcing boundaries (which has rarely been my strongest suit).  I felt like I was learning something crucial in that moment; something about being willing to let go of all laws but God’s.  There is definitely freedom in that.

So as I go through this day, I carry these lessons with me.  Today is the day I remember that the light has come and I am under no laws but God’s.  May you remember these things for yourself as well.  May the reminders give you freedom and joy.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.




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