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How to How to Save a Life: Some Musings on Procrastination and Other Life-Sucking Bad Habits

How to Save a Life

Procrastination and Opportunity

“How to Save a Life,” was the tune du jour dancing through my head when I awoke this morning.  A dead giveaway (why are giveaways dead anyhow?) that I felt like crap, ensconced in a heavy dose of guilt and shame.  When will I ever learn to give up procrastination and just do what I should do; what’s in front of me to do; my job.

I really need a frickin assistant – one who adores paperwork and delights in the perfect execution of forms.

People often ask me if I like being a Realtor (my at least sometime paying job) and the answer is I love showing houses, I love helping people through the process.  Can’t stand the fucking paperwork.

Paper is my nemesis.  I was greatly relieved when our office went to electronic file submissions because I find it easier to deal with the forms in boxes on a computer screen than I do actual paper (though even that is painful).  As much as I adore order (and I do, I definitely do), maintaining it has never been my strongest suit.

And forms often intimidate me.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting this.  Intimidate is perhaps the wrong word.  Overwhelm.  The details of it overwhelm.  I could never work in a title office.  I am so grateful for the lovely assistants there who contact me to say, you missed an initial here.  We still need this shred of CYA paper there.

It’s all about CYA.  It’s always about CYA.  The forms get longer and longer and more complicated each year because some idiot somewhere has made a decision to use a potential loophole as a bargain chip for cash, and so the nice lawyers down at the Real Estate board rewrite the forms to ensure fewer lawsuits can be filed.

It is the sort of the thing that tempts me towards loss of faith in my fellow man.  There are plenty of casual Realtors to make up for it, but as my instructor reminded us often during our training, “It doesn’t matter, until it matters.”

In others words, being all loosey goosey about all the proper forms is fine as long as everyone is playing nice; but if some asshole decides to push it, all hell can break lose.

(I once witnessed where the buyer, who apparently got cold feet, backed out of the deal when the title work wasn’t delivered to him on time.  A seemingly unimportant step meant to make sure the property is what the buyer thinks it is in terms of property lines and such.  It doesn’t matter until it matters.)

It always goes back to the contract, so it pays to do it right.

Which stresses me out.

Wait and See

Wait and See

Today, I am finishing up a contract for Homepath, Fannie Mae, and they are sticklers for details.  If the contract isn’t done properly, they will reject it.  Stress. Stress. Stress.  And thus procrastination.  I have to meet with my client later today so we can get the offer in, and I’m praying to God that no one snatches the house up in the interim.  The market is going a little crazy here – with less than 4000, over 800 closed sales and over 1100 pending sales last month.  That’s not a lot of inventory.  This particular client is in a very popular price range (under $100K) where the decent houses go quickly.  The only blessing is this one has been on the market a while and my client isn’t overly attached.  Still.  Stress.

“How to Save a Life?”  How to dredge myself out of this thick, messy funk I am headed towards?

Just do it.  Suck it up and do it.  Because sometimes that only thing to do is embrace the thing I don’t want to do.

And besides, it feels so much better once the beast is off my back.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.

Top Ten Reasons

Top Ten Reasons


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  1. Sometimes I wonder why I post comments when most everything I have to say, you already know (despite the not knowing anything paradox). While I also seem to get buried in paperwork (so messy!) I actually love getting other people’s paperwork organized (probably because its not my stuff and I won’t need to look at it again), so know that if there is ever anything I can go to assist from here, all you have to do is ask.

    Now on to what you already know: for every task you THINK will be daunting, change your perception of it BEFORE you start (preferably the night before, right before you sleep). Bless it. Say Easy Peasy, simple as pie; focus love and light on the task, see its simplicity and its completion, as easy as breathing. Half of your resistance is your own perception and expectation of the time and difficulty. So try a new approach. Make a game of it. Every form you complete turns pink and sparkly and is infused with love and perfection, blessings and healings for everyone named. Or determine to find the ‘love spot’ (or whatever) of paperwork, where you are so zoned in, time is suspended long enough for you to complete all paperwork with love and still have plenty left for your next game. Determine to make everything you do fun and it will be. Surrender and get out of the way. Cry Uncle and always, always, always ask the universe for help. That could be an assistant I hear knocking…

  2. Oh, please don’t EVER stop telling me things you think I probably already know. Just ’cause I “know” it (intellectually) doesn’t mean I have embodied it. I love your suggestions.

    Of course, the simplest way to avoid waking up feeling bad about such things is just deal with them as they come. Of course, I discovered there was a good reason for the delay (an issue I didn’t know about with the house) so it’s good I waited.

    Unless you are planning to move to NM anytime soon (weather is so much nicer than NH!), I doubt you can help with me my paperwork. It’s mostly the slips of paper everywhere than get to me. (bless you paper, bless you!).

    You always were the more organized of us girls. Remember how you used to go in and clean Margie’s room sometimes, because she was definitely the messiest!

    Love you, darling. Oh and feel free to include my needs in your directives to the great beyond! <3 <3 <3

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