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Ego Identification and Full Appreciation Part II

Full appreciation II

It’s Monday morning, I awoke to notice how the habit of feeling bad was following me around; to notice the presence of ego identification.  Yesterday’s full appreciation had quickly fallen by the wayside and ego was trying to lure me like a siren beckoning sailors to a craggy death.  My legs hurt (varicose veins).  I […]

Lesson 129: Maximal Love: Beyond this World

all expressions of love are maximal

Beyond this world is who we truly are: divine beings having a human experience. All expressions of love are maximal. I choose love, as I did a year ago in this blog post. Part of what I love about studying A Course in Miracles is that it is imminently practical.  Following yesterday’s rather harsh proclamation […]

Lesson 126: An Idea Leaves Not its Source: Reflections on Having No One to Blame but Myself

All that I Give is Given

From last year’s writing: An Idea Leave Not its Source, which is a fancy way of saving as you give, so shall you receive. The habit of clutching is strong in the fearful. That’s why today’s A Course in Miracles is challenging for those of us who have yet to attain enlightenment: All that I […]

Lesson 115: Don’t Freak Out: Remembering my Role in Salvation

all are called but few choose to listen.

So a year later the word “salvation” doesn’t freak me out the way it used to, but I still feel like the guy from Memento a lot of times. From last year: Sometimes I feel like the main character in the movie Memento, continually forgetting things and relying on the little notes I’ve written to […]

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