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Lesson 108: To Give is to Receive

To Give is to Receive

Last year’s writing about today’s lesson: to give is to receive. It’s an important one! Sufficiency is something I think about with some frequency.  Within the ego thought system of separation, to give is to then not-have what you have given.  Form is a world of limitation.  It is a seeing-is-believing realm.  Today’s A Course […]

Lesson 106: Let Me Be Still and Listen to the Truth

Be Still

Perhaps one of the most important daily lessons: let me be still and listen to the truth. From last year’s writing: I awoke to the roar of ego, by which I mean that despite my usual “Thank you, God” upon opening my eyes, the tug of resistance was up in my face immediately.  As I […]

lesson 92: Light and Strength Are One: Seeing Past Appearances

Seeing Past Appearances

Again from last year’s writing – seeing past appearances: Today’s ACIM lesson is about seeing past appearances; about being anchored in truth.  Lessons like today’s Course in Miracles lesson make me glad I became a Practitioner.  This is part of the discussion we were having during last Tuesday night’s ACIM group meeting. When training to […]

Lesson 90 – Problems: Their Answers are Already Here

There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.

From last year: A good one! Already here!! Today’s A Course in Miracles lesson is a tough one for egos to accept.  Ego wants problems to remain problems and fodder for its grievances.  The Course, however, teaches that the answers are not “out there,” the answers are already here. I caught myself wondering about this […]

The Function of God’s Teachers: The Manual for Teachers on How Healing is Accomplished

A Course in Miracles, Manual for Teachers

So this A Course in Miracles “lesson” is about the function of God’s teachers.  I think about that a lot since most of the time I feel as if I fall short in fulfilling that function.  But part of the whole thing is learning forgiveness — which is giving up judgment when my “reality” fails […]

The Ninth Characteristic of God’s Teachers: Faithfulness

the ninth characteristic of God's teachers

I’m starting to realize the folly of faithlessness.  Failure to trust is a failure to have faith and failure to have faith is to invite in the boogie man.  My life is a reflection of my faith and fears.  It is a testament to my insecurities.  Yet, I notice this now with gentleness.  Choose again.  […]

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