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Lesson 337 – Forgive and Choose Again: My Sinlessness Protects Me

Lesson 337, ACIM, "My sinlessness protects me from all harm."

Today’s ACIM lesson, #337, My sinlessness protects me from all harm, takes us yet another step closer to accepting the Atonement.  It is about embracing one’s sinlessness.  Beyond ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, there is only “perfect peace, eternal safety, everlasting love, freedom forever from all thought of loss.”  Since ego would […]

Lesson 334: F**K it: Life and A Course in Miracles; the Gifts of Forgiveness

Lesson 334, Today I claim the gifts of forgiveness, A Course in Miracles

Today’s ACIM lesson, #334, “Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives,” is yet another reminder to embrace sinlessness – to see the innocence in one another and let go of judgment.  When I wrote this blog post a year ago, I paired the lesson with one of my favorite spiritual practices, by John C. Parkin, […]

Lesson 329: God is Not a Bully: I Have Already Chosen

I have already chosen what You will. Lesson 329, ACIM

Today’s ACIM lesson, #329, I have already chosen what You will, is yet another step toward accepting that although ego tells me otherwise, I do, in fact, want God’s will for me.  The Course tells me, “If God’s Will for you is complete peace and joy, unless you experience only this you must be refusing to acknowledge […]

Lesson 327: Understanding How Prayers are Answered

Lesson 327 ACIM

Today’s ACIM lesson #327 I need but call and You will answer me from last year’s writing is the perfect lesson for Thanksgiving.  It was written in early December because last year at this time I was about eleven days behind, yet somehow (and the Course is amazing this way) this post is exactly what […]

Lesson 321: The Freedom Found in God: Exercise in Listening

lesson 321 ACIM

Today’s ACIM lesson, #321, Father, my freedom is in You alone is hard for ego to accept.  The temper-tantrum prone inner child that proclaims, “I’d rather do it myself” is not keen on relying on powers outside of itself.  Except there’s the rub – the power isn’t outside.  We reside within the mind of God […]