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Lesson 113: Embodying My One True Self

Embodying my One True Self

Lessons is embodying my one True Self, from last year’s writing: I love the simplicity of these reviews — today’s an invitation to embody my one true Self.  I love the simplicity because I think God is clear and simple; only the ego is chaotic and complicated.  I can usually assess with a quick glance […]

lesson 92: Light and Strength Are One: Seeing Past Appearances

Seeing Past Appearances

Again from last year’s writing – seeing past appearances: Today’s ACIM lesson is about seeing past appearances; about being anchored in truth.  Lessons like today’s Course in Miracles lesson make me glad I became a Practitioner.  This is part of the discussion we were having during last Tuesday night’s ACIM group meeting. When training to […]

Removing the Blocks to Owning Desire: the Prayer of the Heart

Lesson 133, A Course in Miracles

The goal for today is to work on noticing the blocks I have been toting around.  We read it every week in our Twisted Minds/ACIM group because we always start by reading the introduction. “The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, […]

Learning to See the Real World: Solidary in Christ

Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God forgot to laugh. A Course in Miracles

As a kid, I used to sometimes play games with the reflection in my vanity mirror, wondering if there was a world beyond the world I saw mimicking my every move.  I didn’t know about metaphysics.  A Course in Miracles was still in the process of being birthed into existence.  I was simply imagining, “What […]

A Future Different from the Past

Lesson 314 ACIM

Humans resist change.  The fear of the unknown can be crippling, so often we will stick with the “devil we know” rather than risk finding out what’s behind door number two.  And yet, sometimes we’ve reached our limit.  Sometimes, we’ve just had enough.  I mean, haven’t you ever arrived at a point where you just […]

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