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Lesson 290: Present Happiness: More Thoughts on Believing Thoughts

Lesson 290, ACIM

Sometimes I pause for a moment and just notice.  With shocking regularity, what I notice is how I’ve blocked my present happiness.  Instead of enjoying what is right in front of me, I scan the horizon for “what’s wrong.” Today’s ACIM lesson is about correcting that bad habit.  Lesson #290 says, “My present happiness is […]

Lesson 114: Done is Better

Done is better than good

How funny that after yesterday’s “Being Done with It” post I find it reinforced by last year’s “Done is Better.” My weekends seemed to be crammed with work lately and this one is no exception.  So, I am grateful for these review lessons that, on the surface anyway, require less intense contemplation than regular lessons.  […]

Lesson 113: Embodying My One True Self

Embodying my One True Self

Lessons is embodying my one True Self, from last year’s writing: I love the simplicity of these reviews — today’s an invitation to embody my one true Self.  I love the simplicity because I think God is clear and simple; only the ego is chaotic and complicated.  I can usually assess with a quick glance […]

Lesson 111: Remembering to Review

Lesson 111

Lesson review from last year’s writing: Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one. Miracles are my birthright.  It’s a matter of remembering. It’s review time again and I am scrambling to get back into the groove of it.  Last night at our Tuesday A Course in Miracles group, there was discussion […]

Lesson 95: One Self, United with My Creator: Explorations in Healing

One Self, united with my creator

From last year: Lesson 95 – I am one Self, united with my Creator. I am still trying to connect with the consciousness that would allow healing to occur.  This has always been one of my deepest challenges and part of why I have had an ongoing fascination with the powers of the mind.  Intellectually, […]

The One Answer: More Work from the Manual for Teachers

A Course in Miracles, Manual for Teachers

Sometimes, I stop and wonder if the “reason” I am having the opportunity to witness such intense insanity lately is that ego is trying so fiercely to cling to fear and its old ways of being.  A Course in Miracles is not for sissies.  It takes immense courage to see travesties in the world and […]