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Lesson 327: Understanding How Prayers are Answered

Lesson 327 ACIM

Today’s ACIM lesson #327 I need but call and You will answer me from last year’s writing is the perfect lesson for Thanksgiving.  It was written in early December because last year at this time I was about eleven days behind, yet somehow (and the Course is amazing this way) this post is exactly what […]

Lesson 308: This Instant – the Only Time There Is: Adventures in Forgiveness

Lesson 308

Today’s ACIM lesson, #308, This instant is the only time there is, is an invitation to be present.  Forget the past.  Don’t worry about the future.  Be here now.  It is foolish to plan for disaster and make flesh the fears that try to haunt us. “The plans you make for safety all are laid […]

Lesson 307: Relinquishing Conflicting Wishes: Surrendering to What Is

Conflicting wishes Lesson 307 ACIM

This is today’s ACIM lesson from last’s writing, #307 Conflicting wishes cannot be my will. It is about surrendering to what is. Naturally, my day reflects this and so I am surrendering to the fact that my life today isn’t unfolding the way I thought it “should.” Oh well. God’s got my back, so all […]

Lesson 297: Life’s a Boomerang – Return to Love

lesson 297

Today’s ACIM lesson, #297, Forgiveness is the only gift I give, is the reminder that “…everything I give I give myself.”  This is a lesson in kindness – in being magnanimous because, as the Manual for Teachers says, “The teacher of God is generous out of Self interest.”  It is the recognition that life is a boomerang […]

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