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ACIM Lesson 7: I See Only the Past So I Question Everything. Am I Wasting My Life?

the illusion of time

It is a testament to the brain’s craving for efficiency that we don’t really see what is in front of us (at least that’s my story).  I think of the lazy people fact: If my brain doesn’t need to bother, it won’t.  So, when I read this morning’s lesson, it didn’t surprise me (well, especially […]

Day 4: Lesson 4 Where I Want to Judge Myself for My Thoughts

My Thoughts

The interesting thing about returning to these lessons is that despite that I think I’m pretty nonjudgmental; the impulse to have opinions about these things is far from dead.  (Even though my friend Mike often teases me about how neutral I am.)  Today’s lesson is about examining thoughts and noticing that they really don’t mean […]

Tuesday Night ACIM Group: You Are God’s Meaning

You are God's Meaning

“How can you who are God’s meaning perceive yourself as absent from it?” You are God’s meaning.  Do you get how precious you are?  Do you understand how deeply loved?  As we began yet another Tuesday night of A Course in Miracles, the two lonely students seemed apologetic for dragging me out into the cold […]

Tuesday Night ACIM Group: The Only Answer – Surrender


The only thing we managed to cover last night from our continued study of Chapter 6: The Lessons of Love was IV. The Only Answer, which is about turning to the Holy Spirit for guidance.  It fit perfectly with our discussion, which was all about surrender.  (I do not know what anything is for.) Looking […]

The Flow of Energy: Stamping Out Fear

Free flowing energy

“The nature of fear is that it feeds itself.  Under proper conditions, it feeds itself incredibly quickly. Reason is not fast enough to stamp out fear. That is the mistake most of us make. Do not argue with fear. Wipe out from your mind the instant you recognize it. Practice. Become skilled at recognizing the […]

Journal: Reading, Sufficiency and Hitched to Another Train Track Monday


Little by little the house is being pared down to the cherished.  We have been getting rid of that which we don’t really need or want, and it feels good not to be hitched to so much stuff.  This place is not so large that it can bare the superfluous and having come from a […]