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Everything Happens for You

Byron Katie quote

Yesterday, a client of mine took me to lunch at a decent restaurant and when my food came, I caught myself criticizing it before I had even eaten a bite.  The onions where supposed to be caramelized and since I cook, I know that caramelization takes time and patience.  These onions had not been cooked […]

Lesson 362 – There is No Gain to Me in This: I Give it to You

Lesson 362, A Course in Miracles, This Holy Instant Would I Give to You

Today ACIM Lesson #362, “This holy instant would I give to You.  Be You I charge.  For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace,” is about surrender.  Today, we focus on surrendering the body as a problem-solving device.  This is a challenging concept to accept because no one consciously courts illness.  […]

Who are God’s Teachers? Answering the Call

Teacher of God

I don’t know when exactly I decided to become a “teacher of God.”  I know that somewhere along the way I did choose it.  According to the Manual for Teachers, anyone who has consciously chosen to see another’s interest as connected to him, anyone who took a holistic approach to a problem is a teacher […]

There is No Gain to Me in This: I Give it to You

Lesson 362, A Course in Miracles, This Holy Instant Would I Give to You

I feel like I am unraveling a riddle.  As I do these final lessons I am continuing to listen to the Manual for Teachers as I drive anywhere and last night I spent the night dreaming of the paradox of praying to heal, but needing the faith that the healing is already done for it […]

Lesson 51: Reviewing the Lessons and Learning Not to Resist

Feeling Bad

Today we start the review periods for A Course in Miracles. I’ve never been a big fan of these lessons (it’s where I usually stop doing them) so it will take some persistence to power through the next ten days.  Yet, I know there must be a way to embrace what is being offered; only […]

ACIM Lesson 8: My Mind is Preoccupied and It isn’t Pretty

There is Just the Present

It’s get my shit together Friday.  Seriously.  It is good that I am practiced in this forgiveness stuff and unattachment to what I think things ought to look like because I am failing miserably in my endeavors to be the best version of myself.  As usual, it revolves around money and my resistance.  I am […]