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Lesson 108: To Give is to Receive

To Give is to Receive

Last year’s writing about today’s lesson: to give is to receive. It’s an important one! Sufficiency is something I think about with some frequency.  Within the ego thought system of separation, to give is to then not-have what you have given.  Form is a world of limitation.  It is a seeing-is-believing realm.  Today’s A Course […]

In Every Need I Perceive, God’s Grace Suffices Me

Lesson 348 A Course in Miracles

It’s Christmas Eve and like most Christmases, I have mixed emotions about the season this year.  I grew up in a middle class family and my parents usually overdid Christmas.  With four kids in the family, the bounty under the tree was fairly impressive.  I haven’t celebrated Christmas with my dad in a few years […]

The Invitation


Life happens.  I knew yesterday that I would be out straight all day.  I have a workshop I am helping my boss to facilitate today (real estate investing).  Pulling it together has definitely pushed the boundaries of being in form.  I was exhausted by the time I got home last night (after 7).  So, (my) […]

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