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Lesson 129: Maximal Love: Beyond this World

all expressions of love are maximal

Beyond this world is who we truly are: divine beings having a human experience. All expressions of love are maximal. I choose love, as I did a year ago in this blog post. Part of what I love about studying A Course in Miracles is that it is imminently practical.  Following yesterday’s rather harsh proclamation […]

Lesson 114: Done is Better

Done is better than good

How funny that after yesterday’s “Being Done with It” post I find it reinforced by last year’s “Done is Better.” My weekends seemed to be crammed with work lately and this one is no exception.  So, I am grateful for these review lessons that, on the surface anyway, require less intense contemplation than regular lessons.  […]

Lesson 113: Embodying My One True Self

Embodying my One True Self

Lessons is embodying my one True Self, from last year’s writing: I love the simplicity of these reviews — today’s an invitation to embody my one true Self.  I love the simplicity because I think God is clear and simple; only the ego is chaotic and complicated.  I can usually assess with a quick glance […]

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