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Nothing to Be Healed

There is nothing to be healed

“There is nothing to be healed; only truth to be revealed.” I tripped upon those words this morning and although upon awakening, I couldn’t remember my dreams, in that moment of seeing them, I remembered their echo.  In my dream last night, I was giving an impassioned speech to my fellow Practitioners and that was one […]

Lesson 186: I Can Dance

Do as God's Voice directs

As life presses and I feel myself on the edge of allowing things to get to me, I read this writing from last year with appreciation.  From Lesson 186: Salvation of the world depends on me, and the key is dancing with appreciation for what is rather than feeling bad about anything. Dance. Love life. […]

Lesson 185: The Peace of God

Let not some dreams be more acceptable

From last year’s writing, this post is about choosing the peace of God, without a mention of Independence Day.  But really, it is about independence from the desire to choose illusion over Heaven; the ego thought system over God’s. “To mean you want the peace of God is to renounce all dreams.” To say, “I […]

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