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Lesson 142 – Day Two Review: Thankfulness with a Dash of Rambling

I thank my Father

From last year’s writing – an expression of thankfulness for our house. It’s amazing to reread these posts and see what was going on. It’s day two of this ten-day A Course in Miracles review period and I’m grateful for the opportunity to just sit with what I have supposedly already learned.  Short, sweet and not […]

Lesson 140: The Cure: Waking Up from the Dream

Sleeps or Wakens

  From last year’s writing – only salvation can be said to cure. As usual, what was pertinent a year ago still seems pertinent now. It feels like these A Course in Miracles lessons are getting harder.  It makes sense that they would, but although I consider myself fairly schooled in the curriculum, I still […]

Lesson 126: An Idea Leaves Not its Source: Reflections on Having No One to Blame but Myself

All that I Give is Given

From last year’s writing: An Idea Leave Not its Source, which is a fancy way of saving as you give, so shall you receive. The habit of clutching is strong in the fearful. That’s why today’s A Course in Miracles is challenging for those of us who have yet to attain enlightenment: All that I […]

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