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Magic Thoughts


How many mornings have I thought I had adequate time to reclaim my old habit of daily writing, with sitting with God, with the pitapat of the keyboard as I settle into contemplation?  Too often!  Too often,  I have arisen early enough so that theoretically, I should have had adequate time to wedge the activity […]

New Habits

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As we begin the second week in January of this New Year, I find myself noticing how challenging it is to totally embody new habits.  I have been working on my Miracle Morning routines, I see how ingrained other habits are and how it will likely take a while to shift into incorporating these new […]

Lesson 364: Faith and Belief and How Prayers Get Answered

Lesson 364, A Course in Miracles

The year is quickly coming to a close and with it these lesson reviews.  I am grateful to have had these daily reviews, with reminders of what I was/am learning.  Not surprisingly, today’s focus was reflected in two conversations I had yesterday – about how prayers are always answered but sometimes we (I) fail to […]