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Lesson 314: A Future Different from the Past

Lesson 314 ACIM

Today’s ACIM lesson, #314, I seek a future different from the past, is the place where faith unties us (me) from what I think happened.  No longer am I tethered to the way things have always been.  I am freed to move forward in love that allows fear to fall away into the nothingness that […]

Lesson 309: Looking Within to Embrace Innocence: The Heart of Us All

I will not fear to look within today. ACIM Lesson 309

Today’s ACIM lesson, #309, I will not fear to look within today, is the recognition that we are innocent.  That is a difficult concept for ego to accept, for it can name countless instances that “prove” guilt.  But the Course tells us, “You are not guiltless in time, but in eternity.”  Time is part of […]

Lesson 308: This Instant – the Only Time There Is: Adventures in Forgiveness

Lesson 308

Today’s ACIM lesson, #308, This instant is the only time there is, is an invitation to be present.  Forget the past.  Don’t worry about the future.  Be here now.  It is foolish to plan for disaster and make flesh the fears that try to haunt us. “The plans you make for safety all are laid […]

Lesson 301: The Second Coming: Wipe Away Tears and Show God a Good Time

And God Himself shall wipe away all tears. ACIM Lesson 301

Today’s ACIM lesson, #301, And God Himself shall wipe away all tears, is the reassurance that there is indeed a better world than the one we think we see.  I am away this weekend, on a spiritual retreat at a Benedictine Monastery where the theme for the weekend is surrender.  The traditional Christian perspective on […]

Lesson 298: God is Good: Letting Go of Specialness

ACIM Lesson 298

Today’s ACIM Lesson, #298, I love You, Father, and I love Your Son, calls me into relaxation.  It is the reminder that God is Good and give us everything.  This funny thing happens when you (meaning I) let go of worry and just allow God to handle the details – things unfold in a beautiful […]

Lesson 297: Life’s a Boomerang – Return to Love

lesson 297

Today’s ACIM lesson, #297, Forgiveness is the only gift I give, is the reminder that “…everything I give I give myself.”  This is a lesson in kindness – in being magnanimous because, as the Manual for Teachers says, “The teacher of God is generous out of Self interest.”  It is the recognition that life is a boomerang […]

Madman Escapades in Futility

you're nothing but ideas

It’s temporary.  This world, with all its insanity; situations, lives, good, bad, riches, poverty – all if it is temporary.  This world, this life is temporary.  Ego wants to cling to it like it’s forever, but then wastes times like it has eternity to get things done, demonstrating what a madman it really is.  Yesterday, […]

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