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Lesson 106: Let Me Be Still and Listen to the Truth

Be Still

Perhaps one of the most important daily lessons: let me be still and listen to the truth. From last year’s writing: I awoke to the roar of ego, by which I mean that despite my usual “Thank you, God” upon opening my eyes, the tug of resistance was up in my face immediately.  As I […]

Lesson 105: Lessons in Giving and Receiving: God’s Peace and Joy are Mine

Giving and Receiving

From last year’s writing: God’s peace and joy are mine. Apparently today, I need to further my understanding of giving and receiving.  In a way, this doesn’t surprise me.  I have been working on the theme of sufficiency for a while now and although I am doing much better financially than I have done in […]

Lesson 98: I Will Accept My Part in God’s Plan for Salvation: Good Enough

I will accept my part in God's plan for salvation

“The Song of the Disciplined Half-Ass,” aka this may not have been my best writing, but it’s “good enough.” So, despite the fact that I spend so much time devoted to God these days, there is a part of me that still bristles a little at “having a part in God’s plan for salvation.”  I […]

Lesson 95: One Self, United with My Creator: Explorations in Healing

One Self, united with my creator

From last year: Lesson 95 – I am one Self, united with my Creator. I am still trying to connect with the consciousness that would allow healing to occur.  This has always been one of my deepest challenges and part of why I have had an ongoing fascination with the powers of the mind.  Intellectually, […]

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