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The Bridge to the Real World: Forgive Us Our Illusions

A Course in Miracles' version of the Lord's Prayer

This waking up process is a trip, to be sure.  We started last night’s ACIM group discussion by discussing “the bridge.”  Now, in reality, there is no bridge.  We are already in the “real world” but because we are entrenched in illusions, we don’t recognize where we are, or what we have.  The “bridge” is […]

Lesson 106: Let Me Be Still and Listen to the Truth

Be Still

Perhaps one of the most important daily lessons: let me be still and listen to the truth. From last year’s writing: I awoke to the roar of ego, by which I mean that despite my usual “Thank you, God” upon opening my eyes, the tug of resistance was up in my face immediately.  As I […]

Lesson 100: My Part is Essential

My Part is Essential

My part is essential to God’s plan which is ultimately for all His children to be happy and know how precious they are. From last year’s daily writing: It’s a paradox: we are all One, not separate bodies, but One; a concept that obliterates the ego and abolishes specialness, yet somehow, the Course alleges, is […]

Lesson 99: Salvation is My Only Function Here: How Good it Feels to Relax and Trust!

Salvation is my only function here

From last year: amazing how it no longer freaks me out to be told “salvation is my only function here.” “Salvation and forgiveness are the same,” begin this A Course in Miracles lesson (#99).  Ignoring that I am not a big fan of the word “salvation” (obviously have some healing/forgiveness work to do around it), […]

Lesson 90 – Problems: Their Answers are Already Here

There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.

From last year: A good one! Already here!! Today’s A Course in Miracles lesson is a tough one for egos to accept.  Ego wants problems to remain problems and fodder for its grievances.  The Course, however, teaches that the answers are not “out there,” the answers are already here. I caught myself wondering about this […]

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