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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

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No Longer Loveless: Finding my Way Past Guilt to Where Nothing has Changed


Guilt is the natural result of being loveless.  Since love is who we are, anytime we behave unlovingly, we can’t help but feel guilty because we are denying the truth of who we know we are.  The Course says, “ It is impossible to use one relationship at the expense of another and not to suffer […]

Lord, I am Here: My Plea When Darkness Surrounds Me

Lord, I am here

“Lord, I am here.” These four simple words denote willingness.  As often as I proclaim my willingness to listen, my willingness to do what God would have me do, I still catch myself skulking in the shadows. Sometimes, when I read the news I feel like I am surrounded by darkness.  So it is good […]

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