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Shortcuts: The Hush of Heaven

the hush of Heaven holds my heart today

Last night in my Roots class, we were discussing how the brain creates shortcuts, like a superhighway to results.  It knows how to do certain things and travels frequently used neural pathways to get there fast.  It’s why practice is important.  We were discussing the value of ritual (within the church, but it applies elsewhere, […]

ACIM Lesson 7: I See Only the Past So I Question Everything. Am I Wasting My Life?

the illusion of time

It is a testament to the brain’s craving for efficiency that we don’t really see what is in front of us (at least that’s my story).  I think of the lazy people fact: If my brain doesn’t need to bother, it won’t.  So, when I read this morning’s lesson, it didn’t surprise me (well, especially […]

Do You Hear What I Hear: Whose Voice is that Anyway?

There is Nothing More Important to Growth

As I was lying in bed on the verge of falling asleep the other night, I was listening.  In the between-worlds, where dreams have not yet become dreams but I am not awake enough to hear my own thoughts, I hear voices, almost like a TV playing in the background.  They amuse me because I […]

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