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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

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Lesson 286: Shortcuts: The Hush of Heaven

the hush of Heaven holds my heart today

I love today’s ACIM lesson, #286, The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.  It is the reminder to chill; no need to freak.  God has got it covered.  Yesterday, I found myself freaking a little.  I have a new tenant and since I have PTSD around getting the rent at that place, I find […]

Lean into It

ACIM quote on little faith

I have had too many days of not writing.  If instead of seeing this moment as somehow impinging upon my desires I were to just enjoy it, I would need to let go of guilt and ideas that I “should” be doing something other than what I am doing.  Lately, my ongoing theme has been […]

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