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Being Human is Messy

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being human is messy

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I don’t have time to linger.  I want to slow down, leisurely drink coffee for hours, make a late breakfast/brunch and spend the day pissing away the hours, deep in thought or not; puttering – but I don’t that kind of time today.  I have a dying friend to visit and an open house to host and prep work to do before I leave.  So I went into my old writing and found this – a reminder to myself that it would be useful to start juicing again so I can partner with energy instead of lethargy. I need to buy a new juicer.

Thought Paper: Spirit, Soul and Body

Being human is messy stuff.  Sometimes I forget that there is no separation, that just as I am one with God, my body is not separate from my spirit and soul.  This is good news, for it means that I am not at the mercy of the effects that I witness in my body.  By now, I have had many opportunities to witness effects, but despite the good news that I can affect my own health through my thoughts and beliefs, doing so requires vigilance.  That forgetfulness about the separation gets in my way sometimes.  It takes being conscious of beliefs, words, and actions as well as listening to how my body is directing me.  It takes paying attention.

Recently, I began juicing.  I had set the intention that I wanted to feel better, eat healthier and lose some weight and the next thing I know my sister is telling me to watch the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  I was inspired and ran out and bought a juicer. The first day was amazing as I how energetic I felt.  I noticed my body wanted less meat and dairy.  Suddenly a hamburger tasted extremely greasy. The morning phlegm issues that, in recent years, had been particularly prevalent during the falls months, lessened when I began my day by juicing fruits and vegetables.  I had fewer aches and pains.  I felt better.  I even lost a few pounds. But habit is a powerful saboteur: some days I was too busy to take the time to juice, and let’s face it, I’ve had years of choosing bacon and eggs over juice.  I’m used to just reaching for what I want.  Some days I excel at ignoring my body’s input.

What that really translates into is that I can be good at choosing unconsciously – habit is the default position.  But I’ve noticed that when I’m not choosing consciously, I’m not in alignment with God.  When I am ignoring the messages my body is sending me, I’m probably not listening to my intuition on anything else either and the result is seldom pretty.  I’d like to say I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll always listen from now on, but I’d be lying.  This being human is messy stuff.  I slip in and out of awareness.  I make progress, and then I slip backwards.  It keeps things interesting.   Fortunately for me, when I get too far afield, at least I’ve learned enough to know how to get myself back where separation disappears and I can return to wholeness.   I have tools and friends to remind me who I am.  I have my spiritual community, and each week I facilitate my A Course in Miracles group so I can remember.

This being human is messy stuff, and we all have the same issues.

Namaste, my friends, Namaste.


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  1. It’s great that you are getting into juicing 🙂 Goodonya

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