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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

Madman Escapades in Futility

you're nothing but ideas

It’s temporary.  This world, with all its insanity; situations, lives, good, bad, riches, poverty – all if it is temporary.  This world, this life is temporary.  Ego wants to cling to it like it’s forever, but then wastes times like it has eternity to get things done, demonstrating what a madman it really is.  Yesterday, […]

Lesson 290: Present Happiness: More Thoughts on Believing Thoughts

Lesson 290, ACIM

Sometimes I pause for a moment and just notice.  With shocking regularity, what I notice is how I’ve blocked my present happiness.  Instead of enjoying what is right in front of me, I scan the horizon for “what’s wrong.” Today’s ACIM lesson is about correcting that bad habit.  Lesson #290 says, “My present happiness is […]

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