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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

Journal: Stress, Comfort, ACIM and the Atonement

The great comforter

I came home from my ACIM group Tuesday night and immediately spiraled myself into illusion.  Just to demonstrate that I don’t know shit, I suppose.  Because sometimes I feel like I get it, like I’m so enlightened, so wise. Until I notice how human I am. I love the Course so.  I feel as if […]

The Dance between Solitude and Community


A recurring theme in my life is the dance between solitude and community.  Humans need other humans.  If you put a man in solitary confinement, after a time his biorhythms will naturally sync to whoever brings him sustenance.  Women who work closely together will, over time, menstruate together.  We take on each other’s mannerisms and […]

Tuesday Night ACIM Group: A More Spiritual Life – Fear and Conflict; Choose Again

A More Spiritual Life

I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe I’m starting to understand how to live a more spiritual life. It’s odd how going away for even a few days can shift your perspective.  The whole time I was visiting with my family, I felt the stamp of the Course on my soul.  Those who say […]

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