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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

Rest in Him

In HIm

There is something soothing about today’s review lessons from A Course in Miracles: the place where comfort intersects with faith and relaxation is the result.  I rest in God and I am as God created me. Simple.  Peaceful.  A promise of calm. Today’s review lessons: Lesson 120 For morning and evening review: (109) I rest […]

We’re NOT Separate

Our Deepest Fear

It’s a good day to claim God’s peace and joy, for surely they reflect the gratitude that is mine right now.  The other half of today’s A Course in Miracles review is “Let me be still and listen to the truth.”  Never bad advice.  God is within, after all.  As much as many of us […]

Don’t Freak Out: Remembering my Role in Salvation

all are called but few choose to listen.

Sometimes I feel like the main character in the movie Memento, continually forgetting things and relying on the little notes I’ve written to remember the crucial pieces of information I can’t seem to recall.  I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who has such experiences.  Today is such a day because the A […]

Embodying My One True Self

Embodying my One True Self

I love the simplicity of these reviews — today’s an invitation to embody my one true Self.  I love the simplicity because I think God is clear and simple; only the ego is chaotic and complicated.  I can usually assess with a quick glance around my environment which voice I am allowing to direct my […]

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