Opening to the Possibility

What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

Understanding How Prayers are Answered

Lesson 327 ACIM

As a child, I prayed nightly before being tucked it to go to bed.  We had two prayers that my grandmother had embroidered  that hung on my wall and these were the jumping off point, after which it was acceptable to add “And God bless Mommy and Daddy” and whatever else was deemed important.  What […]

I Sacrifice Illusions: What was Never Real

lesson 322 A Course in Miracles

As I become more aware of what is real and what is illusion, I start to notice that giving up illusions is a piece of cake.  It’s letting go of drama and sacrifice, being right, competition: all ego constructs born from fear and the dream of separation.  The dream of separation is one that entails […]

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