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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

Let Us Not be Deceived: Fear is Not Justified in Any Form

fear is not justified

Sometimes I really wish that my life didn’t need to illustrate these lessons so vividly.  Real estate isn’t for sissies.  Someone or another is always on the edge of freaking out and threatening to blow up deals that don’t need to blow up.  Fear creeps in, rears its ugly head and tries to throw a […]

Treading Water

Looks Inside

It feels like I’ve been treading water, waiting for the rescue ship to show up, and I am getting tired.  Intellectually, I know this is an illusion.  Intellectually, I know it is me wasting my time on expectations, on fears, on something “out there” to come along and save me.  It’s not healthy and it’s […]

Short, Sweet Lessons

The Glory of my Father is my own

It’s Monday.  August is nearly over, the fall-like weather had me hankering for an extra blanket last night and this morning, I found myself flipping through all the remaining Course lessons to check if this short and sweet trend is going to continue till the end of the lessons.  It is.  Only the explanations of […]

On My Decision

“The Son of God can make no choice the Holy Spirit cannot employ on his behalf.”

As I practice these Course in Miracles lessons each day, they almost seem too simple.  Of course, ego does that.  It takes the holy and tries to muck it up with extra.  Ego complicates.  God simplifies.  If they were tax forms, God would be the 1040ez and ego would be the 1040.  I’m in the […]

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