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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

Tuesday Night ACIM Group: Ego Fights – Do I Really Have to Include My Brother?

Ego Fights

We couldn’t help but notice the ego fights we have with ourselves. It was clear that despite all our weekly meetings and studying of this material, the ego still has its nasty talons buried deep in our psyches.  Despite everything, the ego still seemed to be winning.   “Only your allegiance to it gives the ego […]

Get Out of My Way Monday

Barn burnt down Now I can see the moon

“Burn’s burnt down Now I can see the moon.” ~Mizuta Masahide (seventeenth-century Japanese poet) Sometimes, life as we have known it has to be stripped from us. In my case, I voluntarily relinquished it.  It’s that chemicalization, I’ve written about.  Things aren’t exactly falling apart, but there is a certain quality about it – like […]

High on Life: Learn Something New Every Day

Learn something new every day

Is it going to be like this from now on?  Because I’m sort of loving this feeling high all the time and getting shit done and feeling like I have something to contribute. “Learn something new every day,” she said.  “That will keep your passion alive.” It was an awesome meeting.  I knew it would […]

Tuesday Night ACIM Group: This Need Not Be

This need not be

On the heels of my recent challenges, last night was a welcome reminder: This Need Not Be. Charlotte described it as candy for the ego (what I’d call shenpa) – going along all blissed out where life feels easy and then there is this something, this ego candy, that just wants attention.  There is this […]

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